Bad Tan Week

A Caucasian never knows how white they really are until they get a bad sunburn and can compare the burnt bits to the white bits. Being the third whitest guy in Mitchieville, I can attest to that. Word. Another thing I can attest to is if you’re white like The Mayor, and you get a bad sunburn like the poor woman in the picture, that burn aint turning into a tan any time soon. Oh noes, it’s turning into itching and then flaking. And flaking. And more flaking. Sexy-like, isn’t it?

What segment would you like The Mayor to post about next week?

1) Sign Language Week

2) Photobomb Week

3) Women Holding Their Melons Week

Ya, I wonder which one will get the nod? Hmmmmm…..

8 Responses to “Bad Tan Week”

  1. Wolfie Says:

    Sign language sounds like it has promise. I don’t know what a phot is and I’m not much of a produce fan. Smartasses are the best though if you have any of those

  2. marc in calgary Says:


  3. Andy Says:

    What marc said.

  4. Andy Says:

    btw Mr. Mayor, I feel badly for ya’! I am a white guy, but I have never had a sunburn…got just enough Cherokee Injun in me.

  5. Nihilady Says:

    *raises a paw for sign language*

  6. classicaliberal Says:

    I vote for women who sign language while holding their melons and being photobombed.

  7. unclescott Says:


  8. unclescott Says:

    And I didn’t even go out of budget campaigning this week.Whoa

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