This Is A Hate Crime

I guess from the look of the bat at the cab window, it can only mean one thing: the Rocky Horror Picture Show is back in town!

I give that girl about 10 seconds before she rips the cab window out with those talons she’s sporting, grabs Patel by the neck and sucks like an industrial Hoover on berber carpeting until there’s only some clothing and nasty facial hair attached to the drivers seat. She has that look of someone experiencing angst, anger, and “give me my child support before I shove your testicles in a meat grinder” all at the same time.

Words in this post that The Mayor really likes using:

  • sucks
  • bat
  • meat
  • testicles
  • shove
  • fangs
  • berber

2 Responses to “This Is A Hate Crime”

  1. Mr Fnortner Says:

    Mensa quiz: Rearrange the words into a complete sentence.

  2. marc in calgary Says:

    “Shove your fangs into these bat meat testicles, they sucks the berbers”.

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