Chinese Shovel

It slices, dices and makes those delicious Julien carrots.

It’s not $99.99. It’s not $79.99. It’s not even $69.99. It’s ONLY $49.99!

And if you act now, we’ll also send you a box full of Chinese citizens.

8 Responses to “Chinese Shovel”

  1. Chris Taylor Says:

    That video almost makes entrenching tools look like fun. Almost.

  2. classicaliberal Says:

    What, no bolt cutter?! What a piece of shit. Forget it, I ain’t buying that garbage.

  3. The Mayor Says:

    I would have bought one, but then I heard it was made in China…

  4. Andy Says:

    Chris, and CL can NOT convince me that they sat through 8:34 watching the entire video.

  5. tfhr Says:

    I’d buy it but the music coming from that thing is just plain annoying. I was impressed with how it so easily opened that can of Panda. All they need to add is a toothpick.

  6. poletax Says:

    Energetic lil guys, ain’t they?

  7. J.M. Heinrichs Says:


  8. Kaffir_Kanuck Says:

    Someone needs to talk to their PR department and redo the vid to show how useful it is for gardening, and then you’ll have Western buyers by the bucket.

    Much better than any entrenching tool I’ve ever used. I’m envious, but then again, now being in the Air Force, I’d only need the bottle opener option. No wait, the slicing and dicing is good for the BBQ’s too.

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