Granny Gotta Party Week

Ole blue hair aint 100 years old, a 100 is the amount of braincells ole blue hair has left in her blue head after a lifetime of smoking, drinking, drugs, carousing, and acting as the town hump-pinata. And what town was/is she from? The town of New York. Ya, you can imagine what her woo-woo looks like after being the hump pinata from a town that big (in case you don’t know how big the town of New York is, it’s VERY big!)

2 Responses to “Granny Gotta Party Week”

  1. Andy Says:

    Heh! Mayor, I posted that photo on my blog once. The Sitemeter shows that each and every day 7 to 10 people hit my place to grab that shot.

    Good choice…that will be the gift that keeps on giving…

  2. Nicole Says:

    “hump pinata”….

    /shakes head

    That’s a new one.

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