Unfortunate Headline Of The Week

That’s a line I’m sure every grade 10 boy at one time or another. It goes along with, “If I don’t get sex, I could die!!”

Ladies beware – only a small % of the male population will die if they don’t get sex. Maybe 35%, 40% tops.

6 Responses to “Unfortunate Headline Of The Week”

  1. TC@LeatherPenguin Says:



  2. marc in calgary Says:

    Clearly the headline editor wasn’t thinking what I’m thinking, although a guy’s got to eat nearly every day of the month to survive nowadays.
    Trolling for flats mense?

  3. The Mayor Says:

    Isn’t mense the quiz I run every Wednesday?

  4. mense in calgary Says:

    yeah I generally avoid that mense like the plague.

  5. dmorris Says:

    Hm. This is the first tabloid I’ve seen published in “Engrish”. Where can I get a subscription?

    I’m curious about the bottom headline “Full barking mad story on pages 4 & 5″.

  6. Ed Flinn Says:

    Daily Voice is from South Africa. It’s sprinkled with Afrikaans words and phrases, such as mense.

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