When They Were Young

Everybody and their stupid uncle Cletus knows who this worm is. Maybe not in the current form, but if you saw an updated picture, you would immediately say, “hey, I know who that worm is.”

Nowadays, worm is about 60 lbs heavier, but where he’s from, he would say he’s 3 stone heavier. He likes to walk around the beach fully clothed, probably due to the fact of his rolls of jelly are an embarrassment. He also travels the world, talking to heads of state, begging them to give poor people cash. He would never give poor people cash himself, but he has no trouble taking YOUR money to give to poor folk. Typical liberal scum, in The Mayor’s book. Do as I say, not as I do….

He’s part of one of the most popular rock groups ever - and to this day The Mayor hasn’t figured out the why these hacks are so loved. At best, The Mayor figures this group sucks, but they keep making unbelievably crappy discs that their tone deaf fans keep buying, so what can I say? Popularity breeds popularity, I suppose. I say that, yet I haven’t a clue what that means. Man, at this rate, I Could be the lyricist of this group in no time.

The guy in the picture became a star when he was just a teen, and has ridden (road?) that wave well into his 40’s where he currently is now. He and his group are still performing to packed venues, making wads of cash, and paying his taxes offshore so he can avoid the taxes of his own country. Yet he wants YOU to pay YOUR taxes to help the poor of other countries. What an unbelievably cocky prick he is. Man, The Mayor really hates this piece of work.

Anyway, who is this douchebag?

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  1. Brian Gardiner Says:

    You didn’t have to call him a douche-bag twice, I recognized him immediately. That’s Bono

  2. Andy Says:

    Sonny Bono.

  3. tfhr Says:

    Didn’t it used to be “Chasity”, but is now “Chas” Bono?

  4. paul mitchell Says:

    Paul David Hewson.

  5. dmorris Says:

    I was confounded until the clue about wanting US to give our money to the poor of other Countries,so it must be Bono.

    Unless it isn’t.

  6. Rob Huck Says:

    Leslie Nielsen.

  7. mense in calgary Says:

    hmmm, yes to “he has ridden” but “he road” isn’t ok, “the road he rode” works though, although better in grade 3.

    he’s lost a lot, maybe more correctly, he’s lost A LOT, in the recent stock market correction, so I’d imagine he supports B. Hussien’s attempts to repair that correction.
    His group employes about 300 while touring, I don’t know if they’re unionized so I don’t know if they have benefits while he is laying in the German hospital he recently had back surgery in for an accident while “training for the upcoming tour”.

    Did you know you had to train for these things? Somehow I doubt if Dean Martin had to “train” for a tour, although some may have doubts I’d survive what that may entail… I’d give it the old college try though. It’s been reported that Dino was drinking something called “apple juice” for much of his career. That’s ok, I like apple juice too. Remember Dean entering his show by sliding down a fireman pole?

    I did think highly of some of his earlier music, like “October” which is about when the above photo was taken, however time hasn’t been kind to his earlier music, and now it’s really difficult to take seriously.

    Anyway, who is this douchebag? Mr. Mayor do you have an auto search setup on your “new computer” (heh!) so that you automatically get a link on your sidebar to “I eat pussy to survive” ? while this is being typed into your “new computer”…
    oh no, now I can’t stop thinking about pussy pUsSy PuSuY PUSSY!!

  8. The Mayor Says:

    Bono and the 300? As in The Battle of Thermopylae 300?

    He’s got nuttin’ on Gerard Butler!

    Are you serious about the 300 entourage, Marc…er, mense?

  9. mense in calgary Says:

    “about 300″ I was serious. I wonder if B. Hussien has seen the movie?

    apparently the real number is 137 traveling production crew, and +120 hired locally.

    daily payroll + truck rentals = $750,000.
    120 trucks for each of 3 stages… plenty of carbon offsets and 20,000 trees planted, more? …

    so my gross overestimation of U2’s hired help is right on the same page as my Montréal Canadien’s grotesque under performance in the recently finished hockey season… I suppose if we counted girlfriends and management and carbon credit consultants we’d have…

    I think the Republic of Korea is going to need some heavy trucks moving things to the front, so I guess that work is available if one’s willing to move.

  10. Sisyphus Used to Love U2 Says:

    I could write a book on this pretentious prick.

  11. dmorris Says:

    Yes, but would it sell?

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