Road Rage

Uh huh, evil Conservatives, no doubt. I think not. Conservatives are more subtle about these things. This looks like the work of a liberal pretending to be a Conservative, you know, to make the other side look bad. Like when liberals phone talk shows and start off with, “I’ve always been a Conservative, but this election I’m voting liberal.”

Besides, it’s a well known fact that Conservatives love tacos.

3 Responses to “Road Rage”

  1. tfhr Says:

    MMmmmmm…tacos. Saw a Toyota Tacoma the other day that had the “ma” knocked off to read “TACO” across the tailgate. I had no idea.

  2. marc in calgary Says:

    I like tacos.

    I read once of some kids that hacked their way into the drive through telephone at a Burger King and (from a “safe” distance) would tell the overweight people “no, no burger for you, you’re too fat” I guess after a few complaints the police were called, and arrested the laughing kids.

    somedays, I wish I could be a kid again… right on that cusp where you can feel up girls and still get away with some real crap. *sigh*

  3. Sisyphus Loves Legal Aliens Says:

    This conservative loves me some tacos.

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