Who Is This Godless Commie?

Godless and commie are kind of redundant, but without both words together, the title just wouldn’t be the same. I suppose I could have gone with, “Who Is This Commie With The Spectacular Hair?”, but I’m sure I would have gotten a ton of emails from the commie haters, telling me I shouldn’t be propping up commies by complimenting their hair. I could have gone with “Who Is This Dirty Commie?”, and truth be told, I would have been happy enough with that, but something about throwing the word “godless” around makes everything so much better.

Anyway, I’m not giving you any more hints than that.

Who is this Godless commie?

14 Responses to “Who Is This Godless Commie?”

  1. Andy Says:

    Hey Mayor…you need to change the picture titles…

    Unless this is a fake-out deal. I’ll say, “Stalin 1902.”

  2. The Mayor Says:

    Hmmmm, you could be right…

    Let me just check the picture title.

  3. Chris Taylor Says:

    Keanu Reeves, sophomore year.

  4. Stalin knows Says:

    That godless commie is Heather Mal;ick

  5. cudgel Says:

    That there is Barry Obama since shaved and permed his hair.

  6. tfhr Says:

    No way – the facial hair gives it away – Helen Thomas. What the hell happened to the hair on her head though?

  7. cudgel Says:

    Isn’t Ms. Thomas a nazi?

  8. dmorris Says:

    It’s Joe Dzhugashvili,like Andy said. Ya don’t forget a face like that,especially if he was pissed at you.

  9. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Why not the “Other Ignatieff”?


  10. The Mayor Says:

    Well, he DOES look like a Count.

  11. Godless Commie Says:

    Take it from one who knows, dmorris, when Uncle Joe was pissed at you, 99.9% of the time you didn’t even know it. It was all smiles and hail-fellow-well-met, and then zip – off to the gulag.

    I’ve tried copying the technique, but I don’t have the knack. Or the gulag, for that matter …..

  12. The Mayor Says:

    You know, I purposely put this post up to see if the Godless Commie still read Mitchieville.

    True story.

  13. dmorris Says:

    GC, ya really oughtta get yourself a Gulag. A Godless Commie without a Gulag is like a Hell’s Angel without a Harley.

    I believe ya,Mayor.

    Some wouldn’t.

  14. dmorris Says:

    Or you could fence off Toronto and declare it your Gulag,I suppose.

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