The End of the World as We Know it

The Northern Front of the war will be fought in Canada. Just like the war of 1812, only with the latest weapons and the armed might of European hosts.

I really could care less about you, you who live upon the surface of the earth. I live in a lavish survivalist bunker complex, completely hidden and supplied with it’s own vast food supplies, air making plant, and deviously efficient self contained power plant based upon high school nuclear physics principles. I eat well, and will for the next seventy five years. I won’t have the latest brand of sugar oat cereal, but you might be living on finger bones. I am going to watch the Great Die off, you, on television.

It is true, that I have dealings with the world up above, past the airlock, the tunnel, and the house that is really a fortified exit. I live in an, effectively, resort-motel setting, with amusements, diversions, drugs, beer, and whores. I am gaining weight, and may be thrown off the cross bow team. So, compared to your problems, sure, mine are small, and yours are life and an unpleasant diversity of graphic death. But you who will suffer the most, are the ones most responsible. But running out of smokes, fresh smokes, is a real time problem, in the Unterberg of Mitchieville. I just call it that; that is not it’s real name. The UM.

At first, back in the fifties, the Survivalist movement was based on a pulp trade magazine, Popular Basement.
It went out of business, like so many of its type, in the Beatle Mania period of popular culture. Nonetheless, a locally located Survivalist managed to break into the offices of the defaulting magazine in a daring 9:07 am raid, and seize the membership list, accounting records, and stationery, as well as breaking the legs of the publisher, as an example of what happens to people who default on debt in the Free State of Arizona. From this list the ‘First Generation’ of Survivalist leaders and, well, blood lines of leaders and doers and thinkers. So, it is a smoothly running White Anglo Saxon Protestant community, similar to the West Saxons during the Danish-Norman Invasions, before the Norman Robert slew half their numbers in a two moon month. Not that they are that unlucky, yet.

Untied now from the American alliance, the European powers floated, for a short while, in uncertainty. But, they have their Bismarck now. The main stream media does not cover this stuff. It does not know who Bismarck is; they skipped that class for multicultural basket weaving. If a telemarketer explained that too them as part of a pitch, they would not understand. Anyway, it is out there.

I think the invasion will come in Voisey Bay. I do not have time to explain, as the third round of the Sunday Poker game is about to begin, and I have to go. Sonjia DeSade is giving the show this evening. The theme is the correct expression of decadence. See Yah!

Watch this video, to settle your nerves:

2 Responses to “The End of the World as We Know it”

  1. marc in calgary Says:

    Why are the men all squinting their eyes? was the lighting bad? or was the snow too bright for their senses?
    … good shot @ 2.52

    Lots of the Mormons south of this cow town have provisions in their basement although with what I’ve seen of strangers basements it amounts to about a year of the goods. All dated and replenished at regular intervals. And they’ve really got to love rice. A lot. I simply cannot imagine anyone from the cities having the first clue as to how to survive a real insurrection. I can hear the wailing now, “where’s lunch?” or “eat my dog? are you insane? she’s a PET!!!” you know the routine. and it’s only a start.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    It is worse than that, Marc in Calgary.

    Foreign powers mean to invade your real estate.

    Some of the locals are already co-operating with them.

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