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Celebrities. Then and Now (28 pics)

The picture on the left shows a 46 (ish) year old Joan Van Arc. The picture on the left shows a 66 year old Joan Van Arc, now nicknamed “Arc of the covenant.”

The Mayor never thought Joan Van Arc to be sexy, she was always kinda there, like the closing time 2 am pick-up at the local watering hole. Hole being the operative word here. So, having not found Arc that attractive to begin with, it’s hard to knock her down any further because she hasn’t really slid into the gaping pit of ugliness any further. Not that she was ever ugly, just that she was never that attractive.

She has, however, had a bundle of plastic surgery just to retain her ordinary looks. Her face has been stretched and lifted at least a few times, and she’s had weekly botox for probably the last 25 years or so. She bleeds botulinum toxin like Rosie O’Donnell bleeds gravy. Now Arc needs to work on finding a decent hairstylist and doing something with that lizard neck of hers and she’d be doing alright.

Joan Van Arc – how uninteresting, eh folks?

2 Responses to “Celebrities – Youngish & Oldish”

  1. Andy Says:

    Oh man…I always thought Joan Van Arc was extremely sexy. Seriously. But obviously she’s consumed too many nitrates.

    And Jeepers, what is it with the hair on these old chicks (and young ones, too)? What’s the deal with a strands of hair hanging over the eyes? I find that to be just a complete turnoff. I’d rather see Joan Van Arc bald than with that “Hey, see how sexy I am at 92??? I’ve got hair hanging in my eyes” look.

    Just sayin’…

  2. The Mayor Says:

    lol – indeed.

    She’s a nitrate hog, you can tell by the way the hair just sits there in her lazy eye. It’s a dead givaway.

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