Condiment Disaster Kills Six

A tragic accident at an Indian factory has claised the lives of six workers:

Six workers drowned after falling into giant vat of tomato sauce at a ketchup factory in India, the Indian Express reported Thursday.

The horrifying incident unfolded Wednesday evening when a female worker slipped and fell into the 20-feet (six-meter) deep tank.

As five colleagues dived in to grab her they were all overcome by fumes given off from fermenting vegetables and drowned, the newspaper said.

Just horrible. I heard the only way rescue workers could get them out was by turning the ketchup vat upside down and repeatedly patting the bottom of it.

Two more workers were in a hospital following the tragic incident at the Akansha Food Products unit in Lucknow.

Sources confirmed this morning that the town’s name will now be changed to “NoLucknow”.

Details to follow…

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