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The 14 day forecast isn’t much different, either.

I went to Winnipeg for 2 days last summer, it was the worst month of my life. I was at a campfire at Portage & Main (it was less of a campfire and more Indians just sitting around burning shit), when I got attacked by what I first thought were blood-sucking hummingbirds. Turned out to be mosquito’s. No one but me noticed.

If you ever decide to go to Winnipeg in the summer, don’t bother bringing any bug repellent, it won’t do you a hill of good. Instead, drive a nail through a stick, it’s the only thing that MIGHT work.

MADsent The Mayor this weather forecast. And now I’m all scratchy.

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  1. Andy Says:



  2. nancy Says:

    Our mosquitoes aren’t so big, but they make it up with quantity.
    If you get caught out somewhere without’ll want to hang yourself.
    While you’re fighting them off your face and ears, they be hanging off your body gorged in blood.
    When we were teens we played a game of nerves…who would be the first to scream.
    We would pull off the road in a wooded area and turn the car off. In a moment the buzzing would start, first a little, but wait, the buzzing gets louder, then LOUDER, THEN LOUDER and LOUDER, beating against the windows, and the thought of how many mosquitoes are out there, and what they would like to do to you,well…scary scary scary.


  3. Dinosaur Says:

    At least it wasn’t wood tic’s.

    we have so many goofy issues with the bugs.

    2000 years ago the romans could engineer a 70 mile aqueduct on a 25 foot drop. we are now incapable of that. 1/2 of the city is perpetually covered in standing water in rail lines and parks so what do they tell us on the rain barrel every 1/2 an hour empty your rain barrels. Because it’s always some private individuals fault not the government.

    Then we have exclusion zones for people who would rather we die of malaria or west nile than allow spraying near their homes people who live near tham have at least once resorted to violence.

    Then people spray on their own. plus it takes so long to do the city that the bugs fly from one suburb to another laughing at the trucks.

    In North Dakota they spray malathion with B52’s I want them to do that here. Or use Napalm.

    A month ago when I was out camping I wore rubber boots to stop them biting, luckily it got cool and they died off.

  4. The Mayor Says:

    Dino – in Ontario, there is a pesticide ban. Meaning, if you don’t own a farm or a golf course, no pesticides for you…unless they’re organic pesticides, and believe me, that’s like spraying water on your lawn.

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