Green Shoots & Leaves

Real Clear Politics – Obama’s approval rating goes down faster than Michael Moore at a Mother Tucker’s buffet

Market Watch – BP PLC will reduce its contribution to U.S. coffers by roughly $10 billion due to a tax credit the company is claiming it incurred from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The Market Ticker – Heh, Where’s My Durables?

The Foundry – Ready for the Next Trillion-Dollar Bailout?

WSJ – State by State budget gaps (graphic)

Business Week – GIC Says World May See Recession Sooner Than Expected

Wonder How To? – How to suture a wound

Daily Finance – Six reasons to expect slow economic growth ahead

Global Economic Analysis – Durable Goods Orders “Unexpectedly” Sink; How did Economists Blow the Call?

The Daily Bell – The spreading Chinese inflation

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