Lion’s – King Of The Jungle

That giraffe never stood a chance.

Sometimes, usually early morning on a Saturday, they will hear a knock on their den door, and when they look out the peephole they see what looks like an animal in a nice, conservative suit standing at there; and when the antelope opens that door, the nicely dressed animal comes inside and offers the antelope a copy of The Watchtower. The moment the antelope puts out its paw to receive The Watchtower, the lion rips off its disguise and pounces on the poor antelope, ripping every piece of skin from its flesh.

That’s why they’re call lions.

True story, or a metaphor for something even greater?

You decide.

2 Responses to “Lion’s – King Of The Jungle”

  1. Andy Says:

    Somebody needs to call the PETArds! That poor lion Jehovah Witness is undergoing cruelty…and PhotoShop abuse.

    BTW, all the Jehovah Witnesses around here are negroes. And, I don’t know any black lions. Panthers, yes.

    Man, this comment really ran off the road and cleaned out both the ditches, huh?

  2. The Mayor Says:

    I’ve never met a black JW before. Uusually the JW we have come from the States and are doing “duty tour”. They show up in pairs.

    They blacklisted my dad’s house years ago, won’t go there any more. My dad was an ultra religious sort and loved to talk about Jesus. The young JV left my pa’s place confused, and I’m sure the higher-ups in the JW didn’t like that.

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