Thinking about the Unthinkable

2. The Rabies Weapon.

The mainstream media does not talk much about biological weapons. Now, that could be because it is not important. Sure. The real reason the main stream media does not mention the peril is:

a) It is not important

b) Being a non-ability profession, the high school science of plague is beyond their grade school minds.

c) The Journolista’s have decided to suppress coverage of biological weapons.


c1) Biological warfare preparedness cuts into social spending.

c2) The Foreign power that controls the Journolistas does not want America to be aware of, nor prepared for biological war.

You can slice and dice your opinions all you want. If you have the acquaintance of someone who is aware of these agents (biological, not the guys running the left fringe), then you would know that ignorance is not bliss. You will know that b) applies, not a). As for the debate between c1) and c2), I do not think enough people will survive the plague to much care. Only a foreign power has the resources to cook up these bugs, and even if they have not yet infiltrated the Journolistas, they will, so my money is on c2.

The plague will be airborne.
The plague will use influenza. It will spread just like a cold or flu. Can you stop getting the flu? Sure you wash your hands, you use paper towel to hold the door to the public toilet. Sure you do. And you still get sick. No, the plague will be airborne, it works. Unlike socialism, which does not work, the plague crafted by the evil foreign power that uses socialism as a cover, will.

The plague will affect your mind.
We do not have much of an anti-biotic arsenal that can cross the blood-brain barrier. So, your biological weapon of choice will be selected to set up camp in the brain, and exploit this. That disease is rabies. The biological agent that has been crafted to kill you is The Rabies Weapon.

Have you been following the news
about those diseases that they found that affect the personality and behavior of their hosts? Of course not. It does not make the news. It is very important, but the Journolista’s have decided it is not in their best interests for you to know. Maybe Klaus, the brave twin-souled ex-East German (those dreamy uniforms!) has convinced them that biological weapons are not progressive enough to report. Besides, Klaus is good in the sack, and everybody in broadcast news is hot for his bod. Anyway, those diseases that operate behind the blood-brain barrier can also target areas of the brain selectively – modifying personality and behavior. The contagious can be tailored to have a compulsion to spit in food, wipe snot on door handles, and bite, it the opportunity occurs. So, your friends, family, and co-workers, infected with the Rabies Weapon, will just be acting kinda strange at first, before they die foaming at the mouth. They will have compulsions, urges, and obsessions. All designed to spread death.

When you first become aware of the Rabies Weapon,
you will be holding a kleenex. You will have a cold, you think. It is like a cold, only you have a feeling of dread. Considering you only have two weeks left to live, a daily descent into madness, a fever in your brain that you cannot soothe, and the feeling of some insects chewing on your mind from the inside, dread is appropriate. The terminal phase is grim; your human parts of the brain will be gone by then so you will not much notice; the violence, the dripping, infectious drool, and the screaming. Oh well. Maybe you will miss out on the plague. Maybe you will be prepared. Maybe you just won’t be having your morning coffee at the regular place, on that day when the staff are spitting in the coffee creamer and rubbing snot on the blueberry muffins.

No, you are not prepared. The evil scientist who created the Rabies Weapon knows this. They know alot about your habits. They know that people with galloping Tuberculosis walk the streets of Toronto. Our politically correct state cannot correct this problem. Bedbugs are too powerful as well. And our evil scientist knows quite well what really happened that allowed the HIV virus into the blood supply, killing off our hemophiliacs. He knows about the nurses, the profilable ethnic group of nurses, who deserted their jobs during the SARS epidemic; the medical staff who still do not wash their hands; and the other children of political correctness who live, like rabies does to the brain, inside the body politic. Our evil scientist knows that a goodly number of our health care professionals are incompetent non-ability hires, with third world morality enjoying a first world pay scale. Your country is not prepared. Could your country become prepared? Not while the Jane Fonda media is sleeping with the enemy.

If you want an example, head down to public transit. How about the westbound platform at Pape Subway station? Get there for the first train in the morning. Check out the grumpy guy with the briefcase and the yellow windbreaker. He usually has a runny nose. He wipes his nose with his hands, and leaves wet patches of snot on the handles in the subway. He coughs alot, too. He has an angry response to polite enquiries, but that could be because I am not fluent in his native language, or that he is upset over the legacy of colonialism in Africa. He is a perfect example of a contagious person. Angry, diseased, infectious. It is just that today he does not have the plague; tomorrow, maybe he will. And there is nothing you can do about it in a politically correct state, except sicken and die.

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  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    This is precisely the sort of post read by people lusting for knock-off designer handbags. And going by that prune sized dimple in their skull, I suspect they are living in a happy, state funded, narcotic fueled, leftist cloud cuckoo land.

  2. Mitchieville » Blog Archive » Thinking about the unthinkable Says:

    [...] Some people have noticed something strange going on in the local coffee shop. The staff were acting strange. Their complexion was flushed, a sheen of sweat, and a manic smile on their face. They swallowed a lot. There were strange faces behind the counter, people not seen working at the register, behind the muffins and coffee pots. The Rabies Weapon, surely not. [...]

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