Activist versus Activist

Why are progressive Teachers Unions threatening a main stream media front? *

The best strategy was always just ignore the bad news
and move on. Those teachers; sure there are tens of thousands of unread copies of main stream media fish wrap sent into our progressive, non-ability schools. Just check out a few of the high schools in Toronto where the principal, the vice-principals, the administrators, the department heads, the library, the librarian, and a whole mess of others, get a fresh copy of the Toronto Star every morning. You can see them, fresh and unread, every afternoon in the recycling dumpster. Go look for yourself. Go ask someone who works there. All those lovely copies, inflating the circulation numbers for the Red Star. They can charge advertisers more for their unread advertising then. That is good for business.

You gotta admire the lefties,
though. Sticking it to each other for a matter of principle. It also shows how the ability challenged left is living proof that Darwinian theory applies, in this case. Aren’t those Journolista papers the ones that got the bloated education system on steroids in the first place?

Death to Capitalism. Let us start with the Toronto Star.

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