Tamil Refugees – Maybe Not As Refugee-ish As You Thought

A “secret” government survey released yesterday showed that 71% of Sri Lankan *refugees* have gone back to the country that persecuted them at some point, for holidays, to sponsor a family member, or for business:

According to a secret government survey reported by QMI Agency Sunday, 71% of Tamil refugees in Canada who responded to the survey travelled back to Sri Lanka for vacations, business, or to sponsor a family member, bringing into question the legitimacy of their refugee claim.

To put that in perspective, the 500 or so refugees that came to Canada a few weeks ago ALL claimed refugee status, the overwhelming majority did so on the basis that they were persecuted in Sri Lanka. Of those 500, and relying on the statistics of this newly released report, over the next few years, 350 will go back to to the place where they were *persecuted*, in order to conduct business or for their personal pleasure.

According to our own government, even when refugees lie about their refugee claim, it’s nearly impossible to kick them out of the country. Why then doesn’t the government tighten up our refugee laws? That’s the magic question, but luckily for you, I’m a magician and am able to tell you.

Without plantation workers, or as they are called in pc circles, “refugees”, who is going to pay for the baby boomers’ pensions when they start retiring in massive waves starting this year? It’s no secret that white Canadians aren’t having enough babies to keep our population growing, much less keeping it steady. The baby boomers – who are selfish assholes, I must add – always made sure to get the best and keep the best for themselves. Sure, they will be the last ones to receive Canada pension, as there will be no more money left in it in another 20 years, but what the hell, as long as they have their collective selfish asses wiped then all is good.

Seeing as though regular ole “Steve” and “Joe” Canadian can no longer fill the pension tank for the baby boomers, Canadian liberal governments looked at the situation and thought that starting immediately, it better bring in a poo load of plantation workers or the biggest voting group in Canada are going to get very upset very soon when they find out there’s actually no money left for their treats and entitlements.

So, starting with Trudeau and the magic of multiculturalism, instead of working on any form of sustainablility or to fix the problems they had created, successive governments decided instead to use immigrants as plantation workers, to fill the needs of the most important group of people to ever walk the earth – baby frickin’ boomers.

PLUS, immigrants typically vote for those that brought them to the dance – in other words, liberals.

Don’t get me wrong though, when it comes to immigration, Conservative governments have acted like little cowards and have been useless as the day is long. And the current Conservative government is no different, because if they were then things WOULD be different, right? Right.

Secondly, immigration is a boom industry. Those is power can stack the refugee boards and panels with their friends, featherbedding themselves and their families, creating high paying government jobs for like-minded zombies who otherwise couldn’t find a decent job in the workforce because they are usually stupid, lazy, unskilled idiots.


I told you I was a magician. Case closed.

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