Kelly Monaco – Hump Day Hottie

I was going to add Kelly Monaco into a Hottie or Not-E segment today, but then quickly realized that Kelly Monaco is so far removed from being a Not-E that if I even suggested otherwise, my constituents would instantly come to the conclusion that The Mayor must have either woken up this morning and downed a crack/ice smoothie, or, I was hit by a truck and am suffering from a traumatic head injury. Then again, Mitchieville is about as lively as a Pakistani village right now and no one other than Cudgel has commented in over 3 weeks, so really, who the hell is going to notice?

Anyway, I know nothing about Kelly Monaco whatsoever, and truth be told, The Mayor likes it that way. Oh, she has a head? What a surprise, I didn’t notice.

14 Responses to “Kelly Monaco – Hump Day Hottie”

  1. Titan Mk6B Says:

    I think I noticed pouty lips, but I’m not sure…..

  2. The Mayor Says:

    Oh, them lips be pouty alright…

  3. paul mitchell Says:

    Proof of God.

  4. cudgel Says:

    People have moved on to bigger and better things Mayor, take Andy for example, he’s now a Bigshot with a Bigshot career, marc in calgary is now marc in Black Diamond, Mr. Fnortner is now Mrs. Fnortner(don’t ask), dmorris dealing with another love child ringing his door bell, Godless Commie has become a reborn Christian Republican, J.M. Heinrichs has surfaced on a Youtube video *doing things*, we won’t see him for a while, alexb is Mumbai writing a safety manual, tfhr is religiously watching Sesame Street learning the alphabet, Nurse Kate has become the personal Nurse To Michael Jackson and sisyphus is just plain ‘ol sissy now…it’s just me and you now Mayor, you poor Bastard.

  5. Andy Says:

    The Mayor certainly knows how to get the comment train on track.

  6. cudgel Says:

    oops, forgot Fenris, he’s become counsel to the re-elect Jack Layton/Olivia Chow team.

  7. marc in calgary Says:

    actually cudgel, I was in Black Diamond a couple of weeks back, nice little town with little coffee shops selling overpriced “art”… but I’d be somewhere on my list to live out my days. 10 minutes to Kananaskis and all that. I think moose season is in sight for dmorris, he’s probably in the basement sharpening certain implements. Fenris may have volunteered for Rob Ford’s campaign… it seems to have run up the stealth factor and it’s causing all sorts of people I’d like to see dead to pull out their hair. Good going!
    Andy is in another 20 minute meeting, holy crap! how much coffee can these people drink? Paul still has fotos of Larissa to entertain us… she’s super hot. Speaking of hot, I wish The Mayor would have a hot photo one of these days, remember hot or snot? Why is today’s girl wearing her long face today? it borders on horse face and don’t start me on her long boobs, she’ll be stuffing those in her pockets in a few years. She’s what? about 6 foot 2? how am I gonna spin her around like a top? impossible.
    And, I find her underwear not to my liking. It’s less than pleasing. Whereas Larissa is without fault and can cook or mend, if she had to. I’m certain.
    I haven’t seen Godless Commie at any of our meetings. Is Mrs. Fnortner pleased that Mr. Fnortner has taken to cleaning house?

    Speaking of hot… Sarah Palin endorsed 11 of the candidates that won their primary yesterday, B. Hussien endorsed 1 (one). The one, heh.

  8. marc in calgary Says:

    So that’s my vote, “not”.

  9. marc in calgary Says:

    and classicaliberal is in the movies now, he’s starting with wine reviews, nice, I wish I’d thought of that one. I laughed.

  10. Woody Says:

    Nice choice Mayor. She’s lovely…

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  11. The Mayor Says:

    What a lovely surprise, I come back from shooting bear this afternoon and there’s a buttload of comments.

    You will all be rewarded with large government contracts.

    Woody – wow, that works like a charm. Genius!


  12. marc in calgary Says:

    y… Woody’s quarterly “hot or nottie” trill’s her rr’s.

  13. Woody Says:

    I beg to differ Marc. I’ve never once posted a nottie in my Babes section.

    Well… Nancy Pelosi perhaps, but she does have nice cans.

  14. marc in calgary Says:

    errrr, I think I was referring to a different gal Woody, I like the rrrrr.
    Is she here legally?

    I have a fuck-face filter on my Mac, it blocks all fuck-faces like Nancy.
    although, whoever’s boobs she’s wearing in that photo comes through loud and clear. ;)

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