The Woman With Magnetic Charm

Big deal, so you have a key and some loose change stuck to your face and chest. It would have been way more impressive had that tire-iron The Mayor threw at you actually stuck. But did it? No, no it didn’t. It BOUNCED off your face. Ya, the amount of blood that spilled from your head was quite impressive, and the way you twitched on the ground made for good theatre; but when the only thing to stick to you afterwards are some gauze pads smothered in hospital tape, well, lady, you lost your title of Magnetic Woman.

2 Responses to “The Woman With Magnetic Charm”

  1. finn Says:

    I’m betting it’s Krazy Glue.

  2. The Mayor Says:

    At first I was looking for staples, but Krazy Glue seems to make more sense.

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