Thinking about the Unthinkable

What does Total War mean to you? Usually nuclear war? Or just a computer game? You did not know that the Yanks have already dismantled seventy five percent of their nukes, eh? Obama is getting rid of the rest. He does have a peace prize.

Even as the Americans dismantle their arsenal, at the prompting and propaganda of the fringe left (whose love of the American people, those racists whites, is only bounded by a love of spending on criminals, illiterates, parasites, pimps, whores, and themselves), so too does the realization that the probability of Total War is proportional to arsenal size seems to be unthinkable. Well, if the ability challenged, ideology constrained JournoListas wish to keep this under wraps, Total War is unthinkable, as well as likely.

The thing that will grab you about Total War,
when it happens, is the amount of time you will spend thinking about how it would have been so easy to stop. There you will be, huddled in your basement, waiting for the ‘all clear’, or just feeling a little claustrophobic in your gas mask, wondering if the mustard gas will kill the bedbugs, too. There you will be, wondering why small problems became big problems. Why a decision by a UN bureaucrat trumps an elected US representative, and how that usurping bureaucrats’ decision could end your life.

When Total War comes, it will not be nuclear. Heck no. There will be a tank army bearing down on Washington, probably through the Hudson valley. Total War will be a conventional war. This is good news! Or will be to the fringe leftists … or maybe the ability challenged leftists were just ignorant of the consequences of their policies? Oh well, something you can think about before you die. The fringe leftists will be safe, in Cuba, or awaiting a job as a Quisling for the invading power, for whom they have done such good work as fifth columnists. Does the New York times have five columns? They have fifth columnists, for sure.

It is unthinkable to think about America as being invaded,
defeated, or at Total War. After all, how could America face defeat? We all know that America can only be defeated at home. We learnt that from the Vietnam war.

Would it be unthinkable to think about the foreign powers that are plotting to destroy America? The press never talks about this, but they exist. And the generals in their bunkers, the ideologues in their non-Christian shrines, and the internationalist paper pushers who seem to be good friends with the media, all know about the Achilles heel of America. These powers, these entities would not dare to take advantage of open borders to plant spies and subversives. You would notice if your neighbors were enemy agents, right? You do know who your neighbors are, don’t you * ? Nobody would dare to subvert and compromise those secret combinations called JournoList, or do what hostile powers do everywhere else, but here, in America. The main stream media would report it, would they not?

When Total War comes to America,
there will be a Race War. Not that a race war can exist without Total War, but that those seeking victory over the Americans can so easily use this weapon. America can only be defeated at home, and a race war would help that along. America also has open borders, and the current ruler is showing no signs of changing that policy. He does play the race card a lot, which makes race war more likely. And if you are a foreign power, bent on destroying the Americans, a little race war, like those digestive enzymes that rattlesnakes use as venom, does soften up the flesh for easy digestion. No power will attack America without a race war in place first.

When Total War comes to America, there will be biological weapons. It is not like President Obama will defend the country of his, uh, presidency, with nuclear weapons. There are none, and he said he would not. So, the deployment of a Rabies weapon, or just bedbugs is likely, if unthinkable. It is just that the main stream media, as directed by the JournoListas, does not want you to trouble your pretty little head with the inevitable; better you spend your time voting for the JournoLista slate, feeling white guilty, and ignoring the military implications of open borders, disarmament, and debt.

All in all, Total War is unthinkable, but not avoidable. What about that economic crisis, that hyperinflation looming? The Yankees do not have any money, how can they fight a war? Let us hope that the wisest man in the world, President Obama, can get the economy back to health so he can borrow the trillions needed for national defense. While the main stream media does not want you to question their loyalty, but their actions tell a different story. America can only be defeated at home. The media are the vehicle of that defeat, and they certainly do act like operatives under the direction of a hostile power. Is that what is unthinkable about Total War? That an organized group whose agenda is the destruction of your country could infiltrate the media, pervert it, corrupt it, and then proceed to contaminate other institutions?

Tell me, if you were a foreign power,
with hostile intent, knowing that America can only be defeated internally, would you not seek to control the actions of those that can bring about your plans? Would you not exploit the media, the ACLU, the Unions, the illegals, the catch and release judicial system … to further your ambitions? As hostile power, you have known this since you first saw Jane Fonda’s breasts. Indeed, they know, and they do.

So, Total War, if unthinkable, is inevitable. All those other unthinkable things are but the heads of the hydra, and instead of Hercules for president, you have Alcibiades. Oh well, go read your newspaper. When shit hits the fan, you can worry then.

7 Responses to “Thinking about the Unthinkable”

  1. dmorris Says:

    I’ve always felt that unilateral disarmament should be given the chance it deserves.

    I mean,if,instead of entering into that six-year long fray in the late ‘thirties and ‘forties,Mr.Chamberlain had said,”No,Mr.Hitler,we shall not fight back,but shall burn all our weapons and fashion those that won’t burn into plowshares”.

    The world might be a different place now.

  2. Sisyphus is Sick of This Shit Says:

    Not to sound redundant, but Obama is right. Inspired by Obama’s example, I am removing the locks on my house doors and car doors to reduce my chances of getting robbed.

    How I long for those peaceful days before nuclear weapons when we merely had World War I to deal with.

  3. dmorris Says:

    SiSoTS, my Grandparents left their doors unlocked during WW1,and were never once invaded by Germans!

  4. The Mayor Says:

    Sorry that this has nothing to do with this article, but I am absolutely positive that I would get great pleasure in killing a spammer.

  5. dmorris Says:

    Hm. How does one kill a spammer?

    And why would it give you great pleasure?

  6. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    How? Put one of those rubber bags that gas masks come in over their head. First anoxia, then silence.

    The only pleasure I would get from killing a spammer would be from knowing that the blood and organs harvested from their body would be doing a good service to my fellow man when I sold them on the black market. The rest of the carcass goes into the rose bed. That is recycling.

  7. marc in calgary Says:

    recycling is good.

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