Stretchy People Week

The Mayor use to know Oxyana when she had an actual head. Now that she has a leg-head, well, truth be told, she’s a way better person.

I have to be straight with you, I dated Oxyana for about three months, when she had a head, of course. And the whole time I dated her she was always like, “oh look at me, I have a head, I’m so much better than those leg-headed people”.

But karma is an amazing thing (although not real). A few weeks after Oxyana and I broke up, she had a horrible shaving accident and lost her head, only to have it replaced by a leg. Humbling? It sure as heck is. Pardon the language.

But Oxyana is a better person now, she has come down to earth and finally sees what life is like for the leg-headed.

Ya, she can’t do that *special* thing she use to do when she had an actual head (wink wink, nudge nudge), but man can she ever run quickly and fetch beers now.

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  1. dmorris Says:

    By “special thing”,I assume you mean,”yodel”. I’ve never met anyone who had no head who could yodel,even if they were Swiss.

    Just a thought,if she was playing soccer,how could she “head” the ball with only a leg instead of her head?

    Actually,now that I think of it,she has an UNFAIR advantage,and should be banned from that sport!

    Thanks for another scintillating post,Mayor. (what the hell does “scintillating” mean,anyway”)

  2. marc in calgary Says:

    Wasn’t it Howie Meeker that described a slapshot as a “scintillating slapshot” ?

    I looked for some youtube definitions of scintillating but they all seem to direct to Bollywood type cine. So that’s where I’ve been for the past 45 minutes or so…
    You know the type?

    B. Hussien PBUH was speaking tonight, although I admit I listened more to Mark Levin’s commentary on his idiocy.

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