Thinking about the Unthinkable

The Tea Bag General. Ever since the progressives swapped out teaching Canadian history for activist myth, I have been exposed to the idea that the third world is a much better place than Canada. Nobody ever goes hungry in the third world, and there is no war. If there are any problems, it is because farmers in Alberta have guns * . Anything third world has that fart in an elevator mystique: and what could be more third world than a coup? It would be unthinkable for there to be a coup in the United States, would it not?

The evil white man, by nature a racist, a rapist, a capitalist, and a big meanie who only likes to have sex with the opposite sex; he uses mustard gas where appeasement would do, and he drinks blood. Now, whitey has not been doing too much in the way of war crimes lately, unless you consider that lack of two vegetarian entrees at all restaurants a war crime. The disproportionate number of Pox-Canadians sent to prison is considered a war crime. The leftist media says so, and the leftist lawyers, judges, and academics who frame the laws, select which laws to enforce, and collect the fees in this system are free of any responsibility for the legal system they are responsible for. No, it is just whitey. And whitey, that creature that is completely evil in a rapidly warming world, surely would stage a coup to overthrow Obama, the messiah.

What military units are close to Washington? The JounoLista’s should approve some stories about this. You cannot have a coup without the military. Is it a Marine brigade close by? An Army anti-aircraft battery? A Navy communications squadron? Perhaps an Air Force detachment? Somewhere close by, when the President is present, is a military unit that can stage a coup.

Rule of Law. Quite unthinkable, you say. But, are we not deluged with praise for third world methods? We should use aroma therapy, consult the Ouija board, or just look to foreign law and not the constitution. So, how many out there, no longer Christian (and the progressives have done a good job of making America less Christian), are seething, and only the Rule of Law stays their hands? Rule of Law is that concept that you can expect justice, that you can get on with your life while the machinery of justice protects you, your enterprise, your family, and your country. Well, it does not. When the gangbangers come for you and your wife and daughter, if you take out your (currently legal) gun and shoot, you will go to jail. Good for gangbangers, good for the leftists the gangbangers vote for, but not good for the eighty percent of America that does not like to have their wives and daughters raped by gangbangers. What about illegal immigrants? What does illegal mean to you? I can go on. It is all over the internet, these facts about the collapse of Rule of Law. It is too bad that fascist America does not have gun control: too may citizens have guns; this means death for non-citizens, criminals, and other leftist voters. The left should be calling up their friends in the media to make the citizens look bad, so the non-citizens can vote in more benefits for themselves (and gun control, surely) and more taxes to grind down the tax payers.

Why has not there been a coup yet?
I know that whitey is scum, and prone to evil acts. Why have not they acted up yet? Do not they want to burn tires, shoot harp seals, and force women to wear high heels? Given the unquestioned truth of the leftist world view, the evil white man should have staged a coup. Mind you, the leftist world view does not explain why whitey voted for Obama in droves in the first place. Or why they pay taxes to coddle the Pox-Americans who man the crime wave, who steal, rape, and kill. Maybe we should blame the Israeli faction (which would not be anti-Semitism)? Regardless, the left is always right, and there should be a coup, according to their system. It is unthinkable, but, consistent. Will the main stream media cover a coup? Maybe the JournoListas have decided that they have had enough of Obama themselves, and want a coup so they can blame Bush? I cannot go into the emotionally based reasoning of the leftists. I just wonder when whitey is going to rise up, as per Marxist-Alinsky theory. I wonder about the unthinkable.

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  1. marc in calgary Says:

    Q. Who will fight for the oppressors? when the oppressors shoot at folks fighting for freedom, will you feed them and bunk them in your basement? Nothing bad ever happens in Canada.

    Sometimes while driving down a highway you look out the window onto the farmers fields and you’ll see a coyote looking at a small herd of cows, calfs at the side of their mothers. In a few minutes you’ll be in the next town, looking for a decent coffee shop and you’ll think to yourself, “I wonder if the coyote will eat today?”
    So the next town is on the horizon and the coyote forgotten. What will happen in that field is best not seen by civilized folks that buy their food in packages labeled “factory fresh”. And, over the past week I was sitting in a coffee shop and I read in a factory fresh newspaper how CSIS had word of a coup plot being unhatched. It didn’t venture into the “why would anyone want to topple our gov’nors?” I noticed the Philippine type girls in my field of vision and thought to myself “how hungry are you today Marc?” well quite hungry as it turns out… one needs to be careful not to snap those girls in half. Anyway, there hasn’t been anything new regarding the coup talk out east for about a week now, so it’s off to the next town and search for a gas station with decent coffee shop. The white girls don’t like to serve coffee, their prof told them it’s demeaning.

    Jesus asked for 10%, how much is stolen in the name of the capitol god?

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Heck, I would like to address that ‘who would fight for the oppressors’. But, as we have no free speech in this country, I must decline.

    I suspect those that fight for the oppressors will be the beneficiaries or economic advantages, redistribution of wealth, so to speak. Those that fight for the oppressors will have a pay scale inversely proportional to the amount of arms held by the oppressed. An armed citizenry means expensive dragoons.

    They are out there already.

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