Modern Propaganda Techniques

# 12. A One One Punch

Pretending to represent two sides, but one side gets a couple of great lines , the other side gets a lame line.

Tax cuts are all the rage these days, but two senators disagree on how appropriate tax cuts would be right now. Left Senator Jones says “The rich are the ones getting a cut. Who needs rich people with more money?”. Right Senator Smith doesn’t think that’s correct. He thinks only certain individuals should benefit. “The smallest number of people who enjoy this are the people with the most money” repeated Left Senator Jones. “I think that money belongs to all the people, and the best way to give out money the government collects through friendly tax raises is for the government to do it! It’s like all the people getting a raise!”, said Left Senator Jones. Right Senator Smith didn’t agree. He thought the money should reflect the people who had earned the most. When asked why Right Senator Smith felt this way he said “People have to earn a living”. Left Senator Jones said “It is precisely this attempt by Senator Smith to keep people from earning a living that I and my party oppose!”

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  1. maddinosaur Says:

    Is this like the CBC with little musk on the prairie and then the boys of St Vincent to let us know they hate Christians?

  2. marc in calgary Says:

    “Little Musk on the Prairie” full points for that.

  3. Steynian 424nth « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    [...] Green Shoots & Leaves; Commie Humour; Katy Perry’s “excessive cleavage”; Modern Propaganda Techniques; You cannot really say too many good things about Canada …. [...]

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