The Subversive Consumer

Recently, I met up with the economic subversive * * . He was seething with anger at increases in government spending, the crackpate and dullard nature of government ‘workers’, and the dog feces stinking reality that he has to tax pay for services that are not delivered by crackpate dullards, and instead provide them himself. Double dipping by dolts in his pocket: it is not the reach around you expect.

The Subversive Consumer has hooked up with the black market. He calls it the black market, quite literally. Those are his exact words. If your left nostril flares at the racism of the expression, he will know you are not a member of his tribe: the Prussian-Canadians. And he does not trust anyone who is not a member of his tribe. He learnt that from his education in diversity. And now the payoff for his blood payments has come due: he can hook into the Prussian-Canadian black market. I am jealous, and in awe, as only a non-Prussian-Canadian can be.

Take smoking for example. Everyone in Canada who smokes knows about the tax free ones you can get at your friendly native reservation. Is it really legal? Or is it that the State Apparatus is taking the taxpayers money to fund enforcement, but not enforcing? Sure, we know that is what is going on. The employment equity judges, the quota hired, never really worked as a real lawyer lawyers, the overweight minions, the prostitute morality feminists with their breath mints to cover cock breath; these cannot do the job that they get the big pay cheques, the pensions, the suede jump suits, the latex weekends in bondage * and all the other pleasures and rewards of being a non-ability hire in the pork fat State. So, why not go to a fellow tax payer Prussian-Canadian and get gasoline? Prussian see, Prussian do.

Gas is cheaper when it is not taxed. I will not go into the details. Just imagine the redskin’s tobacco operation, but with Prussians selling gasoline. The tax payer paid police do not do feces about the redskins, and they are continuing to not do anything about the black market that is growing in Whitey Ontario in everything else. I guess that is because they do not know. Observing and Respecting is what our ‘walk in high heels for political correctness’ ability challenged types do best. And if you do not Observe, you do not have to do sensitivity courses in Respect. Everybody is happy; it even brought a grim smile to my buddy, the Economic Subversive, the Prussian-Canadian.

Food is cheaper from the source. The Economic Subversive grew up in the country, just like the beef he has in his freezer in the basement. The pig and the chickens that are soon to move into the second freezer are Canadian born too. He got them through some sort of barter deal. There does not seem to be any taxes on barter; there was no inspector, administrator, bureaucrat, nor castrate Greenie given pensionable hours in the transformation of Saxon cow into Norman beef, fit for the Prussian table.

The Economic Subversive will never pay 20th century taxes again. That was a no retreat order that he uttered as we drove around on a tank of full power tetra-ethyl lead * gas. At twenty cents a liter, we could afford to idle as we drove around town, wolfing down a picnic lunch of dollar a kilo meats. We threw the bones from the steaks into the bushes of people with law signs not for our candidate (there is an election going on) for the Raccoon-Canadians to snack upon. We care about nature.

Of course, I would never advocate anything illegal.
All those lefty lawyers that hang around this site, looking for anything illegal with all the zeal of a leftist lawyer looking for a fat, rage based settlement, would jump on that in a second, with all the experience of a nob gobbler after a fresh load of white guilt from the testicles of some milky skinned activist patriarch. No way, comrade sticky lips. Besides, given my heritage, I am guilty already. So I will not make suggestions about making your own money *, turning the welfare person’s dog into a seat cover and a tub of fresh frozen (if greasy) gravy, or just robbing the socialist social services sector worker down the street of the copper in his house when he is on vacation for Kwanzaa in Cuba this coming Holiday Season. No way. I will stick with the Prussians, thank you. And they are only going so far as the redskins in trade, N-people in violence, and Liberal party in ethics, situational ethics. It is very Canadian.

Well, I am off for an evening of twenty five cent beer, dollar platters of fatty pork and kraut, and two dollar hookers, at the secret Prussian-Canadian club. It is always fun there. I like to admire all the captured battle standards of the English, French, Belgians, Danes, Austrians, Russians, Poles, and Swedes. That and sing old songs as I get progressively drunk, but with out progressive tax policy.

Life is better without taxes. F*ck the tax spenders. F*ck them slow.

6 Responses to “The Subversive Consumer”

  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    is the initiation process painful? and is the Miss in red latex involved?

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Oh heck no.

    You, of all people, should have a natural connection to these people.

    As for the red latex wenches, that is the cult of Set, the Snake God

  3. marc in calgary™ Says:

    If there’s no pain involved, how do I know it’s been a success?

    y, I want the red one, even more if she’s got that trill rrrrrrrrrr down pat.

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