Backtits Week

Ya, kinda takes the ole breath away, doesn’t it?

If yesterday’s chick was sporting a 32A backtit, then today’s chick is definitely the Chesty Morgan of the backtit circuit. The last time I saw that much hanging flesh in one place was about two years go in the window of Deitweiller’s Deli in Kitchener. Mind you, that was two baby calves hanging side by side.

Backtit Week is over, I’ve made myself sick.

I hope I’ve made you sick, too.

5 Responses to “Backtits Week”

  1. paul mitchell Says:

    Actually I am happy because you delivered the Saturday backtits like you said you would.

  2. marc in calgary™ Says:

    So backtit week is only for 2 weeks? quitter.

  3. Andy Says:

    marc has a point. I mean, we got “Statue Week” for something close to a month. Sure, you were screwing off, neglecting your Mayoral duties and all…and we all understood.

    Really, we did. And honestly, I think “Statue Week” was the best month we’ve ever had around here…well worth waiting on.

    But, don has been making noises behind the scenes. I know I’m not supposed to say anything…but he has. Don’t tell anybody I told ya’, okay? He’s all like, “This backtit thing is lame, and old. Hell, we got all these shots in e-mails years ago, and now our Mayor (cough cough) is just now catching up? Maybe we need me…well, not me…but someone with newer pictures of backtits to run the deal.”

    That’s not an exact quote, but it’s pretty dang close. But, let’s just keep this between you and me, Mr. Mayor. I’d hate for dmorris to know I squirreled out on his confidential correspondences. I mean, when somebody tells me something, I know how to keep my mouth shut!

    Dang, I just realized that I may have eclipsed marc in length of comment. I’m iz proud!

  4. marc in calgary™ Says:

    sometimes it just all flows downhill smoothly Andy… :)

  5. Andy Says:

    marc: Nyuk!

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