Hallowiener Week

I was cleaning out some pics from my, well, the place where I store pictures on my computer – I believe it’s called “My Pictures”, and I went to delete today’s picture of Timothy Geithner because it sickens me to know he’s somewhere on my computer, and the prompt says “Are you sure you want to send Timothy Geithner to recycling?” And I’m like, “Hell yes I want to send that bastard to recycling.” Is there a way I can bypass recycling and send him straight to hell?

That’s one mighty gigantic pumpikin above, ainnit? A disgusting, lumpy, smelly ole pumpikin. That aught to give the neighbourhood kids nightmares for the next, well, 80 years or so. And the really scary part about that pumpikin? I betcha it’s had its fair share of candles in it. AAAOOOOO. AAAAOOOOOO.

We started Hallowiener Week off on a Wednesday, but fear not fellow Mitchievillian’s, we are running this out-of-control train until Sunday. These are exciting times we live in, and The Mayor is so excited he may have to take another pill….the BLUE one.

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