I Wonder About That Woman

Did you know that one of the powers Wonder Woman possesses is super stamina? She also possesses super speed and super agility. While these powers would have been a super turn-on to The Mayor a few decades ago, now when I think of super powers like that, the first things that come to my mind is that she would be really handy around the house mopping the floors, doing the dishes, and cutting the lawn. If Wonder Woman was living at The Manor, I could see us sitting downstairs watching Dragon’s Den; I’d come to the end of my tumbler of top-shelf whiskey and I’d tinkle the glass, and before I could spit an ice cube back into the glass she would appear with a fresh tumbler in hand. “Hey, Wonder Woman, unless you have some Toll House Cookies stashed in your tiara, your job is only half done.” Then I’d slap her ass and she’d super speed herself quick-smart up to the pantry to get those delicious Toll House Cookies I asked for.

I can’t believe Wonder Woman forgot my Toll House Cookies, too bad she doesn’t have super memory.

2 Responses to “I Wonder About That Woman”

  1. paul mitchell Says:

    I bet she has Super Nagging and Super Can’t Park Worth a Shit, too.

  2. The Mayor Says:

    Ha! Yes, well, the dude that came up with the concept of Wonder Woman wanted to create a super-hero chick that was a feminist. So, super naggin’ makes sense to me.

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