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I’d like to introduce you to Boris Yakinov, Mitchieville’s newest tax collector for the Ministry of Taxation and Libraries. Forgot to fill out your T4 this year, the deadline to file is running out. Literally. No wink wink, you know EXACTLY what I mean. At least Boris sure as heck does.

Andy, from that Redneck Ramblings place down the road, and Mr Fnortner both correctly identified last week’s MENSA Teaser questions, which makes them, wait for it….Mitchieville’s Smarty Panted Winner(s) of the week. Prizes this week include, lunch with Boris at The Tofu Grill, tickets to CATS, and a blue privilege token courtesy of the Fenris Badwulf School of Telemarketing. Overwhelming, I know. A word to the wise, gentlemen, when booking a table at The Tofu Grill, make sure not to sit next to any window. You’ll thank The Mayor later, I’m sure.

Get your life preserver out, take a shot of scotch and batton down the hatches, for we are ready to play MENSA Teaser.

1) Five US states end in an S. First, name those states. Then take the first letter of each one, add the last two letters of the capital of Idaho, and rearrange those seven letters to make a common word that you hope you didn’t make.

2) What two words, formed from different arrangements of the same seven letters, can be used to complete the sentence below?

The successful antiques dealer could be see ____________ from stall to stall at the show, ______________business cards with potential suppliers.

Questions so easy that even Boris can solve them. Solve them with his machete of truth, that is.

MENSA Teaser is open to all residents of Mitchieville, even those losers from NW Mitchieville (snort).

Now, after you answer both questions correctly, The Mayor wants you to go out and have a wonderful day. That’s pretty close to an order.

11 Responses to “MENSA Teaser”

  1. Mr Fnortner Says:

    1. Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, and Texas

    AIKMTSE = Mistake

    2. Darting / Trading

    Typo alert: batton should be batten; see (in Q2) should be seen.

  2. Andy Says:

    BTW: I wish to award my prize from last week to DMorris…or maybe Nancy, should Don be occupied, and unable to make the big date.

  3. Andy Says:

    Hey! What happened to my answers? Dangit! I WAS first when I commented.

    I got jipped! Sigh…

  4. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Andy, did you make a proper burnt offering to Set, the Snake God?

    Maybe someone else made a better offering to Set, the Snake God.

    It is always better to put Chinese Canadian Maple Syrup on your burnt bacon offerings to Set, the Snake God.

  5. mpalef Says:

    1) Massachusetts,Illinois,texas,kansas,arkansas

    2) Darting, Trading

    Are prizes available in the distinct section of franco-mitchiville ?

  6. dmorris Says:

    Geez,thanks,Andy! You’re a gentleman!

    I never participate in Mensa week,as I’m just naturally too dumb,so I appreciate your donation of the prize to my unworthiness.

  7. nancy Says:

    Andy’s no gent, Mr. Morris, when I was a kid we called that game “hot potato”. :)

    Let me tell you about my Mensa teaser. OMG
    I got a new intern 2 weeks ago week. Level 3, full takeover. Okey-doke, I can make it happen.
    She was moved from an original assignment, which was a big, fat red flag, but my principal said he knew that I would “be kind”…I am kind, that’s so true ;) but a little puke came up in my mouth.

    She is so lame, Mayor, no, I mean it, one leg is about 2in. shorter than the other. If I were not so kind, I would nick name her Dot-Dash, cause that’s the tracks she would leave behind in the sand.
    It’s not nice to crack on the crippled,… probably go straight to hell too, so,
    can I mention that every yellow tooth in her mouth is rotten…right across the gum line. In two years, she’ll have a smile like the Jack-0-Lantern I carved out for Halloween.
    I was a little caddy with her, but, she brought in candy for the kids, and I told her she couldn’t give out…cause it causes tooth decay.
    Oh,yes I did.

    What I really can’t get passed is that her clothes look like they were pulled out of a rag bag.
    Yesterday she wore a shirt that look like it belonged to her husband, and a pair of pants that were 3in. too long…she walked on the bottoms, and both were as wrinkled as the last piece of tin foil I tried to straighten out and reuse. I shit you not.
    The cherry tomato on this shit sandwich is that she’s retarded, and has body odor.
    Her little private diploma mill college is playing her. That’s all I can say.
    I’ve got to tell her (?!) nicely of course.

  8. Andy Says:

    Pastor Fenris, as always, you give spiritual advice second to none. Evidently Set devoured my PERFECTLY CORRECT comment/answers due to the fact that I didn’t offer it nothing!

    Don, we are brothers from ‘nother mothers, so it’s the leastest I can due.

    Nancy: Sheesh! What can I say other than agree. It is “hot potato,” and you’re screwed with this intern. Trust me, you will not go right straight to hell for cracking on the infirm.


    I sure hope not.

    If so, we’ll need bunk beds down yonder.

    I have worked with the retarded…You might think about offering up something to Set over this deal.

  9. nancy Says:

    My offering will be to find her some nice outfits…

    wonder where I can find a size 6 shoe with a lift in the right foot?
    stop it, nancy, think hell. Don’t. want. to. go.there.

    Anyway, I’ll solve my problem. I got some PC skills.
    I’m thinking the “powers that be” may be timid about infirm’s disability accommodation.

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