Thinking about the Unthinkable

I keep getting emails from people wanting to speculate about this, wanting to hear the doom about that. Well, there is no free speech in Canada, so there is so much I cannot really talk about. Like a coup to overthrow Obama, that would be unthinkable. And not politically correct, neither. But what could be more politically correct than a coup? It is very third world. So diverse. So multi-cultural. Something new that has not happened before. The Christians would disapprove, so it must be politically acceptable. It only takes one faction to get a coup started; and the left have already shown a taste for extra-curricular methods of obtaining power. What is a coup, but the same thing, relative ethically speaking. So, it may be unthinkable, but it sure is on the table.

Get your popcorn for an evening of entertainment! Let us get past the motivation for the coup. It is a bad thing to do, of course, and I would not want to encourage any such event. Which is one of the reasons why you cannot talk openly about it. Lots of people seem to be talking about it quietly, though. They mutter about it to telemarketers. I think telemarketers are on the Tea Parties arrest list.

Like today, for instance. I was making a nuisance call to some small business guy somewhere in Tea Party country. Asshole seems to think that Do Not Call applies to him. No way, I started to say when he hung up on me. I called him right back. Company policy dictates that I call right back to make sure he knows that this is not a sales call. Must have irritated the pimples off his bum the way he threatened me with death if I so ever called him again. Not just him coming for me, but the Survivalist Christian Right White Wing was coming for all of us telemarketers, every last one.

Do not threaten me with a good time. Bring it on, Survivalist Christian Right White Wing small business owner. Go stage your coup in wherever. Probably Virginia. Pretty much everybody, everybody that matters, that lives in Virginia, is suspect according to the Homeland Security, aren’t they not now? Veterans. Members of secret masonic societies like the Lions club, or the Optimists. Small business owner, not government minion. Never much taken to the government money. Now, he has had too much. Fenris Badwulf gave him a call, right in his lair. I was the embodiment of Open Borders, made real. The Do Not Call legislation can no more stop annoying phone calls, than the Open Borders can stop annoying street crime. He hated me. I could tell.

Neuro Linguistic Programming. I am not going down alone, outraged victim of telemarketing. I am going to push out lots of leftists, and you can run out of ammo with them, first. I will gladly fight to the last leftist. Most of them have not yet figured out that they are really under the thrall of Big Telemarketing. But, to show how serious I am, I will eagerly order them to march into the furnaces the Survivalist Christian Right White Wing has prepared. That is what is unthinkable about a coup. Just who is getting put into the furnace, and who is running them.

3 Responses to “Thinking about the Unthinkable”

  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    I would have asked to speak to his brother, “Joketurd”.

    I love how the “Do Not Call” list guarantee’s that the number is currently in use.
    Will the revolution be televised?

  2. maximinus thrax Says:

    The people doing the doing are not doing much of sharing plans, marc.

    Which is the nice thing about revolutions. They are only easily studied after the fact, not before (when they are a big surprise) and usually not during (let them eat cake).

    Nobody is in control of this, marc. But you can see trends.

  3. Steynian 429st « Free Canuckistan! Says:

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