Green Shoots & Leaves

Bloomberg – Novartis set to axe 1400 sales jobs in US

KTAR – PHOENIX — The parent company of the University of Phoenix has laid off 700 employees, citing a 40 percent drop in enrollment in the first quarter of fiscal 2011.

CBSNYNEWARK, N.J. (CBS 2) – As 167 officers began turning in their guns and badges at midnight in the largest Newark Police Department layoff in 32 years, Mayor Cory Booker and the head of the police officer’s union blamed each another, Magee Hickey reports.

Pragmatic Capitalism – The housing problem oin 3 pictures

The Improper – Cheryl Crow hit by real estate crash, has to auction home (editor’s note: haha)

Telegraph – Hedge fund manager Mark Hart bets on China as next  ”enormous cfredit bubble” to burst   **HT J.M. Heinrichs

Mere Rhetoric – Anti-Israeli foreign policy experts got Saudi Arabia, other Arab countries 100% backward on Iran attack

Bloomberg – India’s economy is likely to surpass the government’s 8.5 percent growth target for the fiscal year, forcing the central bank to resume interest-rate increases as domestic demand offsets risks from abroad.

Seeking Alpha – Double dip confirmed

Of Two Minds – Dow Jones Industrial 9240, here we come

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    The housing problem, in 3 pictures.


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