Horoscope for the week of December 12, 2010

Your week begins with deadlock in the stars above. Mars, Saturn, and Venus are in a three way mutual reception that means not much gets done; and with Saturn involved, the things that do get done, get done out of sequence. Mars makes you angry, and Venus gets her second choice. If you can get things to work, it is like getting a feuding divorced couple to agree. Now, Jupiter is the ruling planet, so his ire will be directed to those oath breaking deceivers out there. Snow on the Global Warming conference: let that be a clue. At least the prospect of war is off the table. If you want a divorce, do not pursue it this week. More revelations from leaked documents that will backfire on the agents responsible.

Aries: That higher calling that you sometimes think about will be calling to you this week. Expect some excitement on Tuesday. You will win.

Taurus: You have what someone wants. You do not have what you want. Perhaps a deal can be struck. Otherwise, a quick blow to the temple will get you what you want.

Gemini: Your interests will be drawn to topics military, martial, aggressive, and material. Something will happen Tuesday; and you just might be part of it. Try to avoid air travel on Tuesday, and large crowds.

Cancer: Taking your clothes off in public was never as much fun as taking your clothes off in front of a select, admiring audience. When invited, say yes.

Leo: If you are the only sane person, and the consensus of the stupid is stupid, does that make you the sole light in the dark, or an outcast? This too shall pass.

Virgo: Minor afflictions pass away. Your future becomes more clear on Tuesday. Take advantage of things going backwards to make things go your way. Distrust your spell checker.

Libra: This would be a great week for you to rob a bank, or other financial institution. You do not even need a plan, an escape car, or a weapon. The bank you rob has incompetent staff. Do wear a disguise, though. You do look so good on film.

Scorpio: There is just too much good news for your sign out there. Choose which all you can eat buffet carefully; find the best one, and gorge.

Sagittarius: Watch carefully what happens to the planet on Tuesday. It is not you in charge, but the mess made will be yours to clean up. Join a secret society.

Capricorn: Everything is going according to plan. An illness will strike down a stranger, but act as a warning for you. Remember, two bags of lime.

Aquarius: You are being drawn into an area of thought that you always considered to be the opposition. You are not on stage all the time. Those who taught you, never learnt in the first place.

Pisces: When you abandon a familiar vice, you will hear voices from the past. Maybe that is why you wallow in sin, to avoid larger ones. Hmmm. Maybe you just want to avoid joy.

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