Activist versus Activist

Our activist betters are having a mixed time dealing with the great leaker, Julian Assange. He did, after all, leak the stuff that brought down Global Warming in all but the minds of those intent on screwing the taxpayers for more money. Other revelations include the banning of fat boy Michael Moores propaganda film in Cuba, which holds up a fairy dust Cuban health care system as model. Julian is doing incredible damage to activist causes. Take his embrace of feminist values, for example.

No means no, in fact, without a yes, it is no. Such was the mantra uttered by the communist non-students who had the control of the university woman’s centers during my time in the university system. Strangely enough, this feminist value has not been transmitted to activist hero, Julian Assange. His behavior with women, if mapped over onto a non-activist, would incur the censure and odium reserved for non-activists. How can you screw a sleeping broad and still look at your basement shrine to Gloria Steinem? Well, for non-activists, the rules are there; for activist Julian Assange, not at all.

Women are objects. They sure are. I laughed my head off when I read how Julian took that journalists girlfriend at dinner. Obviously, journo is a loser. At least Julian did not cut off his testicles for real. A spiritual person would say it foreshadows the effect of Julian Assange on the journalist profession. And indeed this appears to be true: Julian is ticked off at his former red allies at the red Guardian, which selectively published details of his case in Sweden. So what else is new with the main stream media? Those little progressives and activists embedded in the state (can non progressives or non activists get jobs anywhere else?) will pick up this hatred of the red press, and leak to wikileaks, not the red press. Who needs circulation? I only read the red press when it is for free. Now, I do not even have to do that. I can turn to wikileaks. Die, main stream media, die.

Julian does not like secrecy. Not such a bad thing when you have Global Warming rulers at 250k a year, running a sub culture of gangbanger dragoons *, attended by bed bugs, subway piss artists, and eternal illiterates in free meal programs between rape and murder. So, in true partisan fashion, I celebrate that which weakens my enemy, even if it is another enemy that does it. Kinda like how Lenin and Trotsky screwed over the Ukrainian anarchists of Nestor Makhno * . If you question state authority, and have color of anarchism in your beliefs, then realize that our progressives, activists, and generic red statists, just want what you do not want: a big, overweening apparatus, that likes to shoot you. This puts gun control in context. Let us disarm the working class.

Before we disarm the working class, we can screw whores. Remember when whores were bad? When feminists thought that objectifying women was bad? Well that changed. I guess whores vote for the progressives. Now, dear Julian here would be considered to treat women as objects. A cardinal sin for a non-activist, but for him, it makes him cute, charming, and attractive. His brand will not die too soon. And more leaks will come into his clutches. The castrated feminists will swoon at his picture, and fantasize about his embrace. And if you can establish activist credentials, I bet you could bash one in the face with a shovel (flat side, not edge) and get a pass. The standards of activism only apply to non activists: the lesson is clear: get your activist street cred, and you can ignore the activist code of behavior. This is nothing new; it is just public knowledge now.

More leaks a’coming. Julian has some encrypted stuff that he will only release if the state plays hard ball with him. I wonder what is in that stuff? I also wonder about his ethics: if secrecy is bad, why is he holding it back? Human lives are at stake here. Another observation: it is leaks about the bad actions of states that are being leaked, not corporations. It is the mighty red state, the international progressive corporation, the big red corporation * , that is under attack here. The leaks will flow in. The power of the brand of Julian Assange that attracts our leakers and axe grinders. More leaks are coming. The statists can no more stop the exposure of their con job on the working class than the Global Warming millionaires can clear snow with a green shovel. Let the leaks tear out the guts of the progressive state. Let you heed wise counsel and get some activist street cred so you can abuse women.

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  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Mrs. Assange is perfectly safe in Australia while her son makes enemies around the world.

    Nothing bad ever happens there, nobody will ever pick her up from her basement and place her in a storage unit while they squeeze her head in a vise and fire ants consume her clitoris. That will not happen in this case.

    Never, would anyone video record this event and cast it to the pakistanis that lust for these events while their government and religion tell them those cartoons were meant to offend.

    The woman that objected to Jullian entering into her vagina without a condom will never tell anyone how small Julian’s penis is, how his balls seemed undescended and oddly shaped.

    Julian has a right to his personal privacy, nobody will ever talk of this.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Just being able to crack some wench in the chops for serving up cold dinner, or not being quick on the fellatio front just brings back nostalgic memories for me of a time that never occured: the white ages that came before the activist utopia.

    I am going to join a socialist party (which one?) and then buy some lead lined gloves.

  3. Chris Says:

    I think the picture says it all. Little fish get eaten by big fish, that get eaten by biggr fish. What if the actual leaker was not Pfc. Manning, but … what are they doing here, I can’t talk right now. I’ll be back as soon as I am can.

  4. Sisyphus Says:

    “Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm — but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.”
    – T.S. Eliot

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