Piece Of Art Or Piece Of Shit?

When it comes to *art*, The Mayor is of the opinion that if it involves dogs playing poker or vomiting skulls, said *art* is usually pretty good. There are exceptions, of course. This may very well be one of those exceptions.

The Mayor doesn’t have a clue what the title of this piece is called, but I think I’m going to name it “What your New Year’s day is Going to Involve.” Slather me in dry pork rub and call me Kreskin, but The Mayor has a feeling he”ll be bang-on with that prediction.

Art, shit, shitty art, who knows? Again, art is subjective, and what may be garage sale material to some is a treasure to others. I’ve made up my opinion on this one already, but I would like to hear what you think. I would also like to hear whether you’re a fan of that red shrimp sauce they stick in shrimp rings. Those two questions haunt my dreams.

13 Responses to “Piece Of Art Or Piece Of Shit?”

  1. Mr Fnortner Says:

    Actually, it’s pretty inventive, and must have involved painstaking work. The skull is for shit, though, and the piece would be better had the artist used the bluebird of paradise flying through an exhaust fan instead.

  2. The Mayor Says:

    Interesting. We haven’t to this point had a half piece of shit yet. You, Mr Fnortner, have managed to move the goal posts once again.

  3. paul mitchell Says:

    I always enjoy Catholic art. Too bad the artist did not render the vomit spine properly.


  4. marc in calgary Says:

    I’m not a fan of skulls in art, I usually leave the skulls to the coyotes just west of the city. The colors reel me in when they’re happy colors, and while it’s likely a “pass” in high school art class, I fear that someone made 100 large from this and now their going to be further encouraged.

    If my kids did this, I’d say er, “thanks and dinner will be at 5.30 today”
    but having tax dollars do this, makes me want to re-load. Was that part of the question? It looks like it’s paper too, that’s not pleasing to my tastes. Colored glass is to my favor, have you seen the new countertops made with broken glass in them? beautiful kitchen art I tells you, if you’re planning on staying in your house for more than a few more months.
    http://www.thinkglass.com/ for an example.
    If I was at a garage sale and saw this for ohhhh $12, I’d go for the Coleman camp stove at $12. or possibly that teak lamp, I love teak. Then I’d have something.

    So, I like the shrimp sos, I’ve been known to gorge myself on it when invited to parties, sometimes the girls know what drives my bus and they say things like, “marc in calgary really likes the shrimp sos, his girl talks about it all the time”. This isn’t a surprise to anyone.

  5. Andy Says:

    I’d call it ART, too! As Mr. Fnortner said, it’s pretty inventive. But, the little plastic skull deal is cheesy, and cheapens the whole thing.

    The red junk that comes with a shrimp ring sucks! I usually feed it to the neighbor’s dog, because I hate him, and he’ll eat anything…no matter how bad it stinks.

  6. The Mayor Says:

    Wow, this is turning into a regular “taste great, less filling” fights that started WW2.

  7. marc in calgary Says:


  8. Nurse Kate Says:

    Oddly enough, I have seen this in real life.

  9. Nurse Kate Says:

    Andy: I know where you can get a real skull. Why don’t you make your own?

  10. The Mayor Says:

    I once knew a guy who made a soup-bowl out of a skull. And before you ask, yes, his soup was delicious.

  11. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Jackson Pollock, FTW!


  12. Frank Zweegers Says:

    It is art. But a little strange.

  13. DMorris Says:

    Piece of art. The scattering of multiple colours speaks to me of Spring,and in Spring, a young skeletor’s fancy turns to vomit.

    The government of Canada would pay a million bucks for this masterpiece if it was for sale,and not in the hands of some lucky collector!

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