Bikini Week

The hand cocked behind the head, the other hand resting on his leg, the pose oozing of sexuality; it’s no wonder Sport’s Illustrated has his number on speed dial.

Beat it, Marisa Miller, you piker, there’s a new face in town.

13 Responses to “Bikini Week”

  1. Andy Mitchell Says:

    I just noticed that Marc has a quite attractive mole on the right cheek. Oh wait…maybe that’s just a spot on my comprutuh TV screen.

    Nope, it’s a mole. One of those attractive subtleties that REALLY adds to the glam of it all.

    Still, it ain’t a bikini. Just sayin’…

  2. The Mayor Says:

    The mole upsets me, Andy. You see, about 10 years ago, I gave a rat 50 cents to gnaw that thing off Marc’s face. But alas, the rat ripped me off.

    Trust me when I say, if I ever see that rat again, he won’t be able to eat cheese after I finish with him.

  3. Andy Mitchell Says:

    Once when we were swimming in a lake, a bream bit a mole off my Daddy’s back.

    It bled, too.

  4. The Mayor Says:

    Is a bream a carp?

    I saw this older guy cry once after getting his hand all tangled up in a catfishs face.

  5. marc in calgary™ Says:

    r u telling me, there’s 2, count ‘em 2, hump day hotties this week?

    Theo Spark won’t know what hit ‘em…

  6. Andy Mitchell Says:

    A bream is a bream. Here’s the info.

    A catfish is a deadly weapon. I’ve taken more than a few spines to the flesh by them. Good eating, though. Not the “mud cats,” but the blue channel cats are scrumptious.

    My favorite lake fish is white perch, though. “Crappie” as they’re known to most folks.

    Daddy never got a mole bit off by a white perch, though. Just a bream.

  7. The Mayor Says:

    Ahhhhh, breeeeeeeeeam.

    Halibut, my friend, the best fish in the ocean.

  8. DMorris Says:

    If bream and catfish bite off moles,what exactly do “suckers” do?

  9. nancy Says:

    You mean a brim ?
    My pond is full of brim. To the brim with brim.
    Once this teenager with bad acne dove in for a swim. I was on the dock talking my son when I noticed brim and minnows nibbling at his face.
    It looked just like a wiggly beard.
    I was gonna be polite and not call attention to it, but my son said, “man, you got fking fish eating off your nasty ass face.”
    The guy said he liked it.

    well….okay then.

  10. DMorris Says:

    Mayor, I think this idea has gone on long enough,several people here are starting to show signs of dementia!

  11. nancy Says:

    Mr.Morris, that’s just crazy.

  12. The Mayor Says:

    Crazy as a zit eating brim.

  13. nancy Says:

    or me, pretending I didn’t notice that freak. LOL

    You know what else is crazy?
    Over Christmas I bought another 10 acres adjacent to ours. It doesn’t have an ingress or egress except through this place.
    I made the man an offer, but he said he wanted at least what he paid for it, and the taxes he’s paid in.
    Haha, crazy.
    So, I offered him even less. After that, he accepted my first offer.
    A bird in the hand…

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