Bikini Week

Just look at Marc, what a cheeky monkey. Letting his spaghetti strap fall off his shoulder; it’s like he’s asking for it…if you know what I mean (wink wink, nudge nudge). You know, parading around half naked like that will get you in trouble. One day you will hear the words “he had it coming”, if you don’t straighten up and fly straight.


6 Responses to “Bikini Week”

  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Not a care in the world, laying there like fresh meat.

  2. DMorris Says:

    By God,I thought I espied a bit a’ nipple there!

    Nope,didn’t turn me on one bit! Whew!

    Love that stern expression,though!

    Mayor, this IS still a heterosexual site,right?


  3. marc in calgary™ Says:

    The first time someone calls you a slut, sure, it hurts.
    But you get used to it, same as “fatty”, same as “nice mustache sweetie”
    same as all the others. But the abuse doesn’t hurt anymore, they’re just names.
    Just names that don’t matter anymore. Same as those haters in high school.
    The ones that weren’t getting any…

    jealous haters all.

    Hear the waves?

  4. cudgel Says:

    Did someone kick sand on your leg?

  5. Andy Mitchell Says:

    See, Cudgel noticed what I did. At first glance, I thought Marc had a birthmark there (I mean, besides the very sexy cheek mole) on his leg, but maybe it is just sand.

    Marc, pay no attention to the haters. I don’t know you well, but I sure don’t peg you for a slut.

    So, give us a clue here, Marc. Are there actually photos in a “bikini?” His Honor keeps teasing us with that post title…but I’m gonna quit looking if it’s just that same one-piece all week.

    It’s just that I’ve only got so much computer-soft porn-viewing time blocked out in my week. And, if there’s not gonna be any belly, or underboob stuff, well…I gotta move on.

    Nothin’ personal…just biniss…

  6. marc in calgary™ Says:

    cudgel, I think (hope?) that’s just sand on my leg. I don’t have any real idea and I’m not going to look after tomorrow to see if Mr. Mayor has any secret bikini fotos of me.

    Andy, was this guy Charles Atlas famous in the USA? He sure was here in Canada, for helping people with the sand in their face problem.

    I assure you all, I’m looking forward to Saturday too, the pain / anticipation of a real bikini, has to stop somewhere.

    Have you ever seen those fotos of girls without a belly-button? If the Dr. ever botched that operation, it’d be enough to put a guy off wearing a bikini forever.

    As if the stretch marks weren’t enough.

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