Bikini Week

If someone had told The Mayor that Bikini Week, in its current form, would become one of the most successful week’s ever on Mitchieville, The Mayor would have told that person to put down the pipe, as the dope had broken their brain. Then I would have kicked them squarely in the package. For that’s how The Mayor rocks and or rolls.

I suppose the series of bikini pics that you have witnessed this week can only be compared to the famous Farrah Fawcett one-piece red swimsuit pic shoot of 1974. Keep in mind though, Fawcett wore her one-piece swimsuit to hide a scar that was on her tummy. Why Marc is wearing a one-piece and not a bikini is anyone’s guess. And I’d really like to explore some of your guesses. Actually, The Mayor would like to turn that into a running series.

Come to think of it, Marc is wearing a total knock-off of Fawcett’s famous swimsuit.


Now THAT’s comedianing out-of-the-box!

And so that ends Bikini Week.

4 Responses to “Bikini Week”

  1. paul mitchell Says:

    I think that this is my favorite of the entire week. Serious is always sexy.

  2. Flea Says:

    I figure someone must have already pointed out that is not a bikini but am piling on anyway due to my Pedantic Personality Disorder.

  3. marc in calgary Says:

    So, the stretch marks can be seen cleanly through the lycra. Do none of the $20 a cup special creams from Superstore / France work? A one-piece is the only thing that covers them up completely.
    *I hate me*

    So, unfortunately Farrah Fawcett’s red bikini was only available in sizes 2-16
    and not in size 28, nor with a lycra content of 50% So .
    So, I had no idea The Mayor™ was going to do this when I electronically sent this foto shoot to him. Others need to be aware of this humiliation and to be awares.
    It’s been -20 to -24 c or – 10 farenheight holy crap I don’t even remember how to spell farenheight anymore because of that fucking Pierre Elliot Trudeau piss be upon him. It’s supposed to warm up to about +10 c / +50 f towards the end of the week here, so once again the bikini works its magic. So.
    So the superconducting electrons will slow again to a more manageable rate with the rising temperatures. The global climate changistas will come out of hiding.
    So, Al Gore, will disappear once again from the milk cartons. Was it Flea that had the foto on his site?

    Who’s turn is it next week?

  4. DMorris Says:

    I think the one-piece is worn instead of the bikini because the subject has saggy breasts that would show in all their condom -with-a-cuppa-water-in-it glory.

    Also,by the look of that protruding abdomen,I’d say pregnancy is a good possibility.

    Next week,let us hope it’s “Victoria’s Secret Week” here at Mitchieville,with all the deviancy the Mayor can get outta THAT idea!

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