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The Greenie I have down in the dungeon keeps telling the whole dungeon that we can learn from nature. I rather agree. I am going to sell him to a gladiator school, the one in Whitby. He is young and strong, and nobody has noticed his disappearance. Sarah Palin used the Ouija board to tell me to do it. Do I get my tenured Ph.D now?

You can click to enlarge the eye candy, but for those of you just cruising for the Mayor’s fleshpots, this is rather too sedate. It would appeal more to that sort of man who likes to catch his women by the beach, taste them, then take them home for dinner. Is that politically correct in a world where women should have their faces covered in public? You can beat them too, in the new dispensation. Some find the bruised lip and black eye fetching on a woman. Both for looking, and for doing.

In the lake of caustic, you can still find remains of the past. If that water looks slimy, it is because of the Sodium Hydroxide. It makes things slippery, just like soap. Only this lake of soap will dissolve your skin. It is slow, they say the skin stings at first, it itches; then the bite starts. Many scream, er, start to scream then.

I will admit it does stop bedbugs. Everyone with bedbugs we put in the lake of caustic never has bedbugs again. But not everyone has a lake of caustic, let alone one that can only digest so many kilograms of fat per hour, even if augmented by a 600 Volt industrial immersible grinder * No, for most everybody but people taking someone to the Etobicoke temple grounds of Set, the Snake God, make shift has to do. And that means putting Charlemagne the venom spitting reptile into the incantations.

I got this from a member of the Mitchieville cabinet. I do not think I should mention who, or should I? It could be a security threat in this climate of hate. This might offend someone, enough to have them obey the psychic commands of witch Sarah Palin. The child is eating bacon, which is offensive to Jews like Trotsky and Saul Alinksky, and to Muslims, who are more important. The child has a facial expression associated with much older ages. Is this child possessed by a spirit? One that delights in unclean food, like pork? But we no longer live in a Christian culture, so if Mom and Dad do use an Ouiji board, that is OK. I am not sure what is politically correct anymore. The media could not take down Palin with the Arizona massacre, so, well, they are no longer the opinion makers. I wonder who is?

3 Responses to “Inside Mitchieville”

  1. The Mayor Says:

    It would be handy if we had a caustic moat around The Manor. Very handy indeed.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Well, as I said at the planning meeting on Tuesday, Mayor, the pit is cheaper.

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