American Gothic Revisited

You’re looking at the original figures standing beside Grant Wood’s American Gothic. Most people assume that the two folks in the original painting are husband a wife, but that’s not true. It’s actually a farmer and his spinster daughter.

AND, she’s not just a spinster, but she’s actually Grant Wood’s sister. The farmer is modeled after Wood’s dentist.

Grant Wood submitted his painting in a competition at the Art Institute of Chicago, and funnily enough, the judges awarded him a bronze medal for his work and $300.00 based solely on what the judges deemed as a  ”comic valentine.” Ya, they thought it was a joke! Actually, they thought it was satire of small town America.

When you think about it, American Gothic is about 80 years old now, and at the time the big-wig artsie fartsie types awarded American Gothic a bronze medal because they believed (incorrectly) that Wood was taking the piss out of small town America – the “Bible thumpers”, so to speak. Not much has changed in 80 years it would seem.

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  1. The MaleMan Says:

    Its too bad that that honey is 80 years older than she appears in the picture as I would be fair game if it was present day!!! What passes for art these days is a horrible embarrassment to myself and any other human being capable of logical thought. Personally, I believe that art is created by those with a special talent and not the display of 3 pancakes and a side of rodent which could be created by anyone with the capability of moving objects from one place to another… The artsy community is supported by those with plenty of money and little knowledge of what is real talent and creativity. That is why they are supported by our tax dollars!!!

  2. The Mayor Says:

    The Mayor has always said that the *art* community needs to be self-supported. If they can’t see their “art”, then they must starvr or go get a paying job.

    This goes for a lot of other freeloading groups as well.

  3. DMorris Says:

    Hey,you guys,if the famous government purchase,”Voice of Fire”,which is three stripes on a 4 X 8 sheet of grade one plywood,ain’t worth a million bucks,I’d like ta know what the hell is!!!

    And I’d still like to lynch Brian Mulroney for purchasing it on behalf of us great unwashed!

    Not that I advocate violence against politicians,of course,I’m no Sarah Palin!

  4. The Mayor Says:

    Another submission for our “Piece of art or piece of shit” segment, no doubt.

  5. DMorris Says:

    I DARE ya!

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