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As far as MENSA Teaser participation goes, last Friday’s game set the gold standard. We had new players, old players, borrowed players and blue players. Thems a lot of players. We also had our share of winners’ and our share of losers’. Among those that correctly identified all three questions correctly include: MPalef, Polska, Johns 1959, and Mr Fnortner.

Among the losers include everyone else.

Congratulations to our four winners. I did promise a prize for last week’s MENSA winners, and The Mayor fully intends to come through on his promise. How does a deep dish pepperoni and extra cheese pizza sound? Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? And how about splitting that pizza with a special friend? Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Well, this is your lucky day.

All four of last week’s MENSA winners have won a deep dish pepperoni and extra cheese pizza courtesy of Big John’s Pizza Calhoun & Bait Shop. John even told The Mayor that after the pizza, he has another *special* gift or two waiting our lucky winners.

Lucky? Yes. Yes you are.

If you are wondering what today’s MENSA questions look like, well, they look a little something like this:

1) Which vowel comes midway between J and T?

2) Pear is to apple as potato is to?


If you’re wondering how The Mayor did on these questions, I got 2/3. For those of you not into fractions, that’s about 90% or so.

Good luck to all the Mensaheads who participate in this week’s game. These are tricky little questions, but if I know you like I think I know you, I’m sure you will come through in flying colours.

MENSA Teaser is open to everyone with a pulse. Good luck to all. And to all a good night.

18 Responses to “MENSA Teaser”

  1. mpalef Says:

    1) o
    2) Radish
    3)10 meteres

    I am looking forward to the pie & surprises !

  2. Laurie Says:

    Pizza? Hell, yeah, that’s my man.
    1) O
    2) radish
    3) Oh, no, not math…. *runs screaming*

  3. Buck Says:

    Laurie! What’s a nice girl like you doin’ hangin’ around all these geeks?

  4. Mr Fnortner Says:

    O,radish,10 meters

    Actually, (1) is a gimme; (3) is compliments of our friend Pythagoras; and (2) is a little weird. Is radish right because it is red to potato’s pale, like apples is red to pear’s pale color? Or is it that both radish and potato are root vegetables, while pear and apple are tree fruits? If it is the latter, then the relationship as expressed in the problem is wrong. It should be Pear is to potato as apple is to ____, for the simple reason that pear is not anything to an apple that is the same as radish is to potato.

  5. Mr Fnortner Says:

    Further to my explanation, if you agree that Pear is to apple is acceptable, then any two items that share a common characteristic, such as sedan and coupe or collie and poodle, would form a correct answer. The question is defective. Mensa is not always as clever as they like to think they are.

  6. paul mitchell Says:

    1. O. Easiest question ever.

    2. Radish. (You must love you some roots.)

    3. The hypotenuse is 10 meters. The area is 24 square meters. (Extra credit, FTW?)

  7. finn Says:

    1. O

    2. lettuce

    3. 10

    Numbers 1 and 3 are straightforward but number 2 is a bit less so. I went with “lettuce” because in the first example of “pear” and “apple”, both are fruits and the second has one additional letter in its name AND a double letter combination; in the question, both “potato” and “lettuce” are vegetables and “lettuce” has the required extra letter and double combo.

  8. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Hypotenuse? that’s first year plumbing! I don’t remember that long ago.

    I’ve had deep dish pizza before, in the first marriage. I think I’m going to hold out for thin crust the second time round.

  9. Andy Says:

    I’m saying,

    1) O

    2) Radish – Pears, and apples grow on trees. A ‘tater grows underground, so I’m going with what grows under ground. A radish does grow under ground, doesn’t it? If not, disregard that, and I’ll go with strawberry, because I like potatoes and strawberries. Radishes, not so much.

    3) 32.8 feet – or 10.95 yards, whichever you prefer.

  10. The Mayor Says:

    Could you convert that to celcius for us, Andy?

  11. Rob Huck Says:

    O’radish Ten.

  12. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    1. ‘E’, as in “JET”.
    2. ‘Lettuce’: because ‘pear’ has 4 letters, ‘apple’ 5, ‘potato’ 6, & ‘lettuce’ 7.
    3. SHould be ‘8′, because the Mayor’s buddy is dyslexic, or learned to navigate in Gatineau.


  13. Andy Says:

    Can I convert that to Celsius?

    No. I’m good, but not that good. You’ll have to Gooble it.

  14. Rebellious Todd Says:

    O for Oscar
    Radish even though not a tuber, still spends most of its short miserable life underground
    big 10-4 good buddy, without the 4.

  15. Mr Fnortner Says:

    If you consider the alphabet to be a circle, go left instead of right, and travel the alphabet in reverse, and if you are flexible in your definition of vowel, then another answer to (1) is B.

  16. polska Says:

    o, radish, 10m. Although, I’m afraid I’m missing something.

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