Astrology and your love life

Looking for that ideal mate? Maybe just some tail, and not the whole hind quarter? Astrology can help you get the things you want in life. It is easy and fun to use astrology!

Background: The two planets most involved in human relationships are Mars and Venus. Everybody has them in their horoscope somewhere. So, take out your tarot deck, have your chart handy, and make the following pattern on the trestle board:

This is a four card pattern, with two rows of two.

The first row is: The Empress, and the trump that represents the sign that your natal Venus is resident in.

The second row is: The trump that represents the sign your natal Mars is in, and The Tower.

Reading across, you have your own chart. The subject here has Venus in Scorpio, and Mars in Capricorn.

Reading up and down, you have the subjects complement: his ideal mate, which would be someone with Mars in Scorpio, and Venus in Capricorn.

Quiet contemplation of this figure will plant suggestions in your subconscious and conjure up your mate. No other effort is required, although other rituals can expedite the process.

Complications: What if your natal Mars and Venus are in the same sign? Send me an e-mail, and I will explain.

Further questions: What happens if I apply this method to other planets in my chart, other pairs? What happens when I combine, say, Sun and Moon? Good question. Learn, Dare, e-mail me your observations.

4 Responses to “Astrology and your love life”

  1. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Is there not an easier way to select a restaurant? Why not “Pin the donkey’s tale to the Map”? Or perhaps there is no app for that?


  2. Sargon Says:

    I am sure I can whip something up for that.

  3. joketurd in calgary™ Says:

    When you put “whip something” in the comments, does your traffic increase?

  4. Sargon Says:

    All that traffic stuff I leave for the Mayor.

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