What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch?

It’s been two and a half years since we last played What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch? Today though, The Mayor woke up at 4:30 in the am, and the first thought that came into his head, after “man, I really gotta take a leak”, was, “today, we play What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch?”

True story. Tell your friends.

For those of you not familiar with this game, the rules are rather complicated, but after a few months of playing I’m sure you will catch on to the many subtleties of this award-winning (Juno) game.

Here are the rules:

1) Guess what is in The Mayor’s lunch.

You may want to take a minute to digest that.

From time to time The Mayor will give you a hint as to what is in his lunch. Unfortunately for you, today is not the day The Mayor is going to do that. I will tell you though that The Mayor packed (or had one packed by his manservannt, Cheaves) a nutritious lunch. One that included a drink of a fruit variety.

What do you know, there’s a hint where one wasn’t suppose to be.

What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch?

25 Responses to “What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch?”

  1. cudgel Says:

    Finally something on this site a fella can sink his teeth into…starter – nacho tacos, main course a tomato/bologna/mayo on whole wheat sandwich, dessert a snickers bar and the beverage is a 5Alive juice box…yum yum.

  2. The Mayor Says:

    Man, that sounds delicious!

    Shawing and a miss though…on all accounts.

    5 Alive? Do they still make that?

  3. Titan Mk6B Says:

    what’s in the Mayor’s lunch? That’s easy.


  4. paul mitchell Says:

    Mayor, it is really bad that you have not eaten lunch in two and half years. How do you do it?

    By the way, the correct answer is WHISKEY.

  5. Andy Says:

    Two fried chicken wings, watermelon balls, and purple Kool-Aid.

    And Whiskey.

  6. DMorris Says:

    Two “Spam” sandwiches on rye,with Grey Poupon mustard and mayo.
    Two granola bars.
    I can of Five Alive.
    Three chocolate chip cookies.
    One small bottle of Old Bushmills.
    One macintosh apple.

    I assume the Mayor had oatmeal for breakfast.

  7. Buck Says:

    What the hell is “5 Alive?” I know, I know… Google is my friend. But we are time-constrained here.

  8. marc in calgary™ Says:

    Pastrami and old cheddar on rye, no-name mustard, wrapped in disposable plastic wrap.
    3 celery stalks, 1 medium carrot=[, double wrapped in disposable plastic wrap.
    Package of cranberries.
    Spartan apple
    2 Disposable paper napkins, probably gotten from “Tim Horton’s™”
    “Sweet Marie™” chocolate bar.
    Coffee thermos, with black coffee.
    “Coffee thermos” with Old Bushmills™”

  9. Wolfie Says:

    whatever the hell danish people eat. The mayor couldn’t have packed his own lunch

  10. The Mayor Says:

    Okay, what have we here?

    Wolfie is only partially correct. I did NOT pack my own lunch.

    Other than the booze (that’s a given, it doesn’t count. That’s like including air), DMorris was right with granola bar and cookie. I can’t believe it, but he is right.

    No freaking apples, that’s insane. And the sandwiches are all wrong. Although there is mayo on my sandwich.

    Marc is right with napkins from Timmy’s. That cracked The Mayor up.

    And for the record, Buck, 5 Alive is a type of gasoline marketed as a fruit drink.

  11. DMorris Says:

    Buck, “five alive” is a concentrated drink of five citrus fruit juices. It’s really good mixed in a screwdriver.

  12. DMorris Says:

    Hm,what in hell DO Danish people eat? they don’t have dishes like Perogies, or falafel,or hot dogs,so I presume FISH, done in all kinds of ways, kippered,jellied,salted,etc.

  13. DMorris Says:

    btw, for lunch I had a moose meat sandwich,with grey poupon,Swiss cheese, lettuce and mayo,and I KNOW the Mayor didn’t have THAT!

    Made it m’self.

  14. The Mayor Says:

    Hooorey claaaap. That sounds amazing!

    I mean, without that pretentious grey poupon. Sorry, your highness, just sayin’.

  15. DMorris Says:

    Sorry,but I just have this “thing” for expensive yellow mustard.

    It’s my only vice.


  16. Retired Geezer Says:

    Aurgula… again?

  17. The Mayor Says:

    Wrong black guy, RG.

  18. The Mayor Says:

    You know who woulda had fun with this?


  19. DMorris Says:

    Is it true Nancy died ravishing John Wayne?


  20. cudgel Says:

    I thought the Duke died from Nancy’s ravishing and she’s retreated to the Ponderosa to write a cookbook.

    So sorry if I’m wrong.

  21. The Mayor Says:

    No no no, that was Mare that ravished John Wayne’s cookbook.


  22. Nurse Kate Says:

    A pack of gum and some peanut butter on a playing card.
    Tell your wife to lay off the sauce.

  23. Andy Says:

    Yeah, I haven’t heard from Nancy in a while, either.

    That’s okay, because the last time I did she was bragging about wearing shorts and sandals down in Florida while the rest of the world is in a huge Sears Coldspot Chest Freezer.

    I told her that I loved her, but “Shut up!”

    So, maybe it’s my fault.

  24. cbullitt Says:

    I know. It’s a screwdriver.

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