Mitchieville’s Mad Manic MesmErizing Mystery Movie

The Mayor was a little surprised that so many peoples correctly identified Logan’s Run as last weeks mystery movie, but he was far more surprised that not one soul tried to guess The Mayor’s mystery number in order to win the great DVD giveaway. Shocked really. Amazed.

So The Mayor decided to ponder the various reasons why no one tried to guess the mystery number. He consulted with a team of experts (psychiatrists, actually), and came to the conclusion that Mitchievillian’s were holding out until The Mayor sweetened the prize pot.

Well played, Mitchievillian’s, well played.

The Mayor hears you, and he applauds your greed.

Being The Mayor of the peoples, he has decided to up the ante, if you will. Hold on for more details.

This weeks mystery movie is an adaptation of a Stephen King novel. Keep in mind that at one point not long ago, Stephen King wrote a novel a day. 7 novels a week for 25 years. Thems a lot of novels.

The Mayor is a fan of this movie, even though the reviews at the time were terrible. Reviewers are arseholes though, so what they say doesn’t make a hill of difference, the movie was good.

Here is how the folks at IMDB describe this flick:

A boy preacher named Isaac goes to a town in Nebraska called Gatlin and gets all the children to murder every adult in town…

Ewwww, religion, get it off me!

Relax haters, it’s not so much about religion as it is blood-lust. Lots of blood, lots of lust (minus the lust part).

Today’s mystery movie stars Linda Hamilton, Peter Horton, and John Franklin as Isaac.

And I know you know what everyone knows: and that is the title of this classic film.

Today’s winner will receive last weeks movie The Bad Lieutenant, PLUS, a brand spanking newish copy of the Oscar winning flick Black Swan (courtesy of the Chinese DVD pirate movie group).

Ya, how’s that for uppin’ the ante, yo?

Guess the movie and a number The Mayor has chosen between 1-47, and both movies are yours. No other questions asked. It’s that simple.

Bonne chance, amigos.

20 Responses to “Mitchieville’s Mad Manic MesmErizing Mystery Movie”

  1. paul mitchell Says:

    Wild guess, Children of the Corn?

  2. fenris Says:

    Indeed, children of the corn.

  3. Buck Says:

    The answer is 42. Coz it’s always 42 unless you aren’t aware of The Rules or scoff at them in which case you’re in BIG trouble, Mr. Mayor. I suppose the movie is what Paul and Fenris say… but I really have no clue. Wait. That’s NOT true, you were generous with your clues. I just never saw the movie, is all.

  4. Retired Geezer Says:

    Actually it’s an extended advertisement from Kellogg’s.

    Children of the Corn Flakes.

    OK that was just an attempt at teh Humor.

    Children of the Corn.
    The Mayor chose 9 as the seekret number. Why?
    Because that’s how many episodes were made by the SyFy channel.
    The Mayor knows how to use the Internet to his advantage.
    He’s smart that way.

    * It sucks to be Paul Mitchell, cause he forgot to include his secret number guess.

  5. Retired Geezer Says:

    If I win, I hope the Mayor will be kind enough to tell me where the hot-girl-on-girl action is in ‘Black Swan’.
    You know, so I can skip past those parts so I don’t offend the kiddies at Camp Geezer.

  6. DMorris Says:

    Chilluns of de Corn,too easy,Mayor. I just looked at the picture,didn’t even have to read the post.

    I used to know “he who walks between the rows”,and believe me,he was no demon,just a simple retard who figured he might find treasure in what the local farmers used to call the “fields of gold”. Hollywood’s usual artistic licence.

    Might be a good idear to post some of the older flicks,when was the last time you featured something starring the Gish sisters,or Randolph Scott?

    We Mitchievillains know that a prize shared fifty ways doesn’t amount to much,so maybe you could post “pictures made by guys who weren’t left wing activists” or some other such genre of rare and unusual films.

  7. DMorris Says:

    Oh,yeah,the number, 3.141592.

  8. Retired Geezer Says:

    Wait, I think the number could be 46.3, which is the Atomic Weight of Corn.

    *sits back down.

  9. DMorris Says:

    Hm, I didn’t know that.

    The atomic weights site,couldn’t see “corn” but “Mayors” -32.059.

    It’s sure to be one of those numbers,RG,OUR Mayor’s sneaky bugger! ;-)

  10. Andy Says:

    It is the U of Oklahoma’s “pet name” for Nebraska fans. “Children Of The Corn.”

    And, the secret number is 39. I’m not sure how I know that…but I do. Actually, my favorite number is 93…not sure why, but it is. And, since I can only guess up to 47, I swapped the numerals around.

    See? Makes perfect sense. Yep, it’s 39.

  11. Retired Geezer Says:

    Me and DMorris are going to split the prize. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he wants the Bad Lieutenant.

    That leaves the Black Swan for me, cause we have horses, geese and ducks at Camp Geezer.

    And for the hot-girl-on-girl sequence in the film.

  12. paul mitchell Says:

    Oh yeah, the number is THREEVE.

  13. cudgel Says:

    I don’t think that’s Children of the Corn but a sweet movie called The Breakfast Club starring a very young Molly Ringwald, the ginger kid, back row fourth on the left as well as Chuck Sheen’s brother Emilio and the dearly departed Paul Gleason who had a stellar performance as Principal Vernon…the winning number is forty tree.

  14. DMorris Says:

    I’ll gladly take “Bad Lieutenant” over a ballet flick! I don’t care what color the swan is,I’m not into bird pictures, unless of course,there’s plenty of sex, nudity and violence,in any order.

    The number,eleventeen.

  15. marc in calgary™ Says:

    see? He can’t help bringing up birds… he’s a killer I tells ya.

  16. The Mayor Says:

    Wow, AGAIN with the bird reference.

    He must be getting *the itch* again.

  17. DMorris Says:

    Jeez, fuck up just ONCE,and they never let ya forget it!

  18. Andy Says:

    Damn right, Don! Marc nailed it!

    BTW, you and Paul are BOTH screwed, because threeve, and eleventeen are not numerals. And, it’s gotta be a REAL numeral between 1 & 47.

    Just a hint here…it can’t be 1, or 47…it gots to be “between” ‘em. Like 39…which is precisely what The Mayor was thinking. I’m so excited, I haven’t won a prize since I won a German Chocolate Cake in grammar school in a Cake Walk at the Fall Festival.

  19. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    And this was that CakeWalk:


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