A Call for the full De-Regularization and Oversight of the Nuclear Industry

Have you ever been to a political meeting where they passed a resolution that was good theory but not good marketing? Everyone knows the real solution just will not cut it with the voters. They have been brainwashed and will never sit up from beer and Leaf hockey to be more than the Plebians they are, those voters.

There is no way that Stephen Harper will agree to push complete De-Regularization of the Nuclear Industry.
It is not going to happen. Which is too bad, because in the Black Market, you can build your own. My Dad built it, years ago.

Why pay taxes to pay for oversight and regulations that do not work? Those A-plants that are cooking off in Japan: we have spent billions on egg heads to make sure that things like the giant tidal waves on the coastline of areas well known for tidal waves would not have them blow up. How many tens of thousands of socialists were employed in the paperwork delaying work and freshening the feathers in the feather beds? All that socialist paper power, whining and clutching of photogenic N-infants, doctored pictures of cockroach infested public transit, all for nothing. Regulation does not work: it failed to stop the problem. So why pay for it? And for that matter: why not profit from it? Hmmm?

My Dad was a Union electrician. He read Popular Mechanics. The power plant he built is more really a steam engine: just that it does not burn wood. It is a converted boiler. Instead of natural gas, there are some road gravel sized rocks that get hot when close together. The water boils, makes steam, and steam drives the dynamo. I think it is called a dynamo. It generates the 600 volt, three phase power that passes for house current around town. It has done so since 1969, when my Dad turned it on for the first time.

Dad did not like to pay electricity bills. With women in the house, with their demands on hair dryers, microwave ovens, televisions, and electric knife sharpeners, it was too much to buy all those kWh from Ontario Hydro. He just built a kit from a science magazine, and then designed his own. He built a room for it, under the mud room where the freezers are. It is still there. The family farm runs off it; and Dad ran an extension cord (600V 3-phi) down to the used car lot he bought in ‘71, as well as Slim’s auto body shop. Free electricity. All you have to do is buy the light bulbs.

Dad never complained about incompetent socialist public sector workers. Why? He was not paying for it. He was making money selling his free electrical power to neighbors. My Dad always said that a basement reactor was the best way to provide economical electricity to indoor plant growers. Why give money to socialists who oversee and regulate things that blow up? Why encourage them. Why not make some money selling free electricity to your neighbors? That is the Black Market, is it not? The red skins sell tobacco products, so I can build a reactor in the basement. It is really easy when you know how. There is plenty of stuff on the internet, too.

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