Thinking about the Unthinkable

Secret Weapons, everybody has secret weapons. Everybody knows that Americans are not telling about what they have: gas, or germs, or bugs, or kinetic energy, or death rays. And do not forget the secrets horded by the other powers. Even Canada has secret weapons. And you, do you ever think about secret weapons? No, they are unthinkable. Canada with secret weapons? Ha ha ha. Better to think about sustainable funding for free condom dispensers at safe injection sites outside of battered womyns shelters.

Secret weapons are just weapons that are currently unknown. We all know about the secret weapons of the last war: the siren on the Stuka, Radar, code breaking. Blah blah blah. Not as important as the made up culture of N-people, or having enough literacy facilitators to facilitate the illiterate, or just feeling good about Black Run America * . I know I feel great about Black Run America: anything else is racism. So in a land without free speech, I prefer to speculate on secret weapons. They are unthinkable, but will not get me into trouble with the milky skinned gobblers of the latest sticky drops of white guilt, fresh from the testicles of the left.

How about that software, er, firmware, er, computer stuff, that was used to take out the Iranian uranium centrifuges? How about that, eh? It would be unthinkable if someone modified that dark technology to have the Japanese reactors cook off in, say, an emergency, like and earthquake. That would be unthinkable.

Given the stiff erections (strap ons for the underfunded cross gendered in a racist, intolerant society) on the left, (gloating that this is the death knell for nuclear energy), I would certainly point my finger there, if there was free speech, but there is not, so I will not. I will add, if you read the comments, you will see that Gaia has it in for the Japanese because they hunt whales. All those vegetarian, non whale meat eaters, lives submerged and taken out to sea: and here in racist Canada, our leftist betters are pleased. These are the smirking, sticky faced leftists you will see when you go to your Mom’s death panel. No more medication for her. Some illiterate N-person needs another year of Grade 7. Mom can die. It is Gaia’s will. That is hyperbole, but you can get the hint if you do some reading.

I have not read anything about sabotage software used to take out the Japanese plants. It is much better to think about a future without electricity, heat, air conditioning, or work in a field other than agriculture. How are your shoveling horse shit skills? Not everybody in the green future gets a job under a roof. Those special jobs are for our illiterate, diseased, violent, and loyal Red-Orange-Green voters. You will be outside, like your happy medieval ancestors. There is not enough of an economy for you to have meat, so you will be a vegetarian.

No crisis goes to waste. But all those Japanese plants cooking off: it is unthinkable to think about sabotage software. And maybe you better think about where the Mad Hatter of environmentalism is taking you: down a dark trail to the Dark Ages, or into a cloud of opium smoke?

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