Welcome To Toronto

The new spokesman for the newly released Toronto tourism campaign, “We’ll Blow Your Mind”, is rather fitting for that position, wouldn’t you say?

Actually, he’s rather fitting for many positions, probably.

5 Responses to “Welcome To Toronto”

  1. DMorris Says:

    “We’ll Blow Your Mind”, or other parts if your mind is preoccupied.

  2. DMorris Says:

    Is the new Provincial Flower of Ontario the pansy?

  3. cudgel Says:

    Put an apple on the goof’s head and I promise not to miss…I’ll use my good aiming eye, the 20/200 one.

  4. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    He’s probably an Android, and likes honeycomb cereal.


  5. mare Says:

    Welcome to Toronto…….hahahahahahaha fags.

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