Activist versus Activist

As the crisis unfolds in Japan, I am struck at the determined propaganda effort by the media to make it appear worse, to not let it go to waste to move ahead their agenda. With every Grade 10 science education level journalist, with every N-person organ grinder before the teleprompter, with every Snot-Green follower of Father Liber *, I see the workings of the Big Red Corporation, bent on getting my money (laundered as taxes) even as they bend over to swallow down more white guilt from the testicles of their burly, shaved, and perfumed leaders.

Where to start? Why bother? An employment equity hire, here Surgeon General with the resume of a tapeworm activist *, tells the nation to horde Iodine pills *, then back tracks the next day *. This is the behavior we know from our places of work, or government offices where we stand in line for our papers. Surely this is not the universal case for employment equity hires? We wait for papers, they have their pedigree: non-ability actors in the stroked fantasies of the sticky faced progressives. It fit the narrative: it came from socialist lips. As for truth: be more like Pontius Pilate and know the truth before you wash your hands. For the tens of thousands of the mind wiped, they see the suit, the uniform, the tinsel, and not the teleprompter, the empty judgement, or the real personality of Charlie Sheen.

I come from a nautical heritage.
My ancestral village is in Devonshire; my family were wreckers, or recyclers as we call them now. I know how to lure a ship onto the rocks. I can yield the right of way to another commuter and watch them celebrate the diversity of a collision. I can see the false beacons the leftists have built to lure white, racist, rapist, meat eating culture onto the rocks. Their aggressive efforts to depict the Japanese crisis makes me laugh. As for their propaganda seeking to destroy the economy I live in, this makes me frown.

In a country lacking free speech, I cannot speak freely about my thoughts. And, to be honest, either outcome is a win for me. If we build reactors, power plants, and have an automobile based society, well, I will have a job, a house and a pension. I also get air conditioning, work inside in the winter, and travel more than a hundred miles for personal whims. Otherwise, I can be a blacksmith, and put shoes on horses. Our idiot leaders have cast away Christ, and embraced Darwin. Let them see how Darwin deals with useless mouths and bad advice. Me, I get to watch. But could we please avoid having my remaining lifetime devoted to shoveling horse shit? I have a list of leftists who will make excellent thralls, after I cut out their tongues.

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  1. Buck Says:

    OK, this is just a tangential bitch/moan/complaint… but as a career military dude it just PISSES ME OFF to see the Surgeon General’s official photo… ANY Surgeon General. I have no ideer how the USPHS rates as a “military service,” because fundamentally it is NOT. This instant three-star admiral crap really gets my panties bunched up in serious knots. If I had panties, of course.


  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    It surprised me too, Buck.

    I checked her wiki entry and her claim to fame is to be an administrator of a clinic. Office manager in telemarketing speak. Is this what three star admirals are made of in the American Warmachine? You will surely be invaded if this is so.

  3. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Apparently, doctors really like Army uniforms, so they let them wear Navy.


  4. Buck Says:

    Thanks for those links, J.M. I still think the concept is wrong. If those guys want to wear uniforms let ‘em look like cops, firemen, or Good Humor guys. Military uniforms should NOT be an option.

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