The Top 10 Financial Links Of The Day

Yahoo Finance – Wholesale prices rise 1.6 pct. due to biggest jump in food costs in more than 36 years

Marketplace – As highways age, the U.S. looks to renew efforts to create an infrastructure bank to lure private investors into public construction projects.

Business Insider -  Niall Ferguson spoke with CNBC this morning about the state of the global economy, the rise of China, and the chaos in the Middle East. “At best case we’re going to re-run the 1970s, only with Barack Obama instead of Jimmy Carter in the White House,” he said.

The Hill – The Obama administration and senior Republicans offered a fresh show of support for nuclear power Monday even as the crisis involving Japanese reactors deepened (**J.M. – … as the media announces its complete lack of knowledge, and its willingness to discuss it at length.)

Pajamas Media – Relax: this is not another Chernobyl or Three Mile Island, and I’ll tell you exactly why. The only thing to fear is the sensationalist reporting that has the world panicked. (UPDATE: Fuel rod fire?)

Les Jones – Normal Interest Rates Would be a Disaster for U.S. Debt

MSNBC (spit) -School districts in California have issued nearly 19,000 layoff notices so far to teachers amid uncertainty over the state budget, the California Teachers Association estimated Tuesday.

CS Monitor –  US vs Canadian home prices

Reuters – Obama housing aide to be mortgage banking lobbyist

Dr Housing Bubble – The financial psychology of negative equity – 1,880,000 California mortgage holders have no equity in their homes. California home prices will fall 15 to 25 percent in the coming years. 1 out of 3 California mortgage holders at risk of walking away or defaulting.

**With many thanks to J.M. Heinrichs for his links

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  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Utah has its own currency now: Gold and Silver. Maybe they are the power that should be appeased.

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