Just the facts, Ma’am.

Using Cyprus as a base? That is where the Crusaders fell back to after the fall of Jerusalem. The state responsible for that geography is authorizing air strikes from its territories against a Moslem state. They will be none to popular at morning coffee.

Canada has war planes? Compared to a real war, six is a number that is small. During a real battle, at least six fighters could be expected to blow up during routine take off or landing operations, in the Canadian War Machine. Our military is too small.

Every country involved in this will be targeted by … the nameless ones, who cannot be mentioned. Now, they will have financing from an experienced (K.Q. was a big backer for the Fenians, back in the day; terrorist training camps; recruiting; recall) tyrant. Which continent will be destabilized next? Probably yours, especially your home town. Yup. (Was not Obama not supposed to do this?)

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  1. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Perhaps, but our F18s are 12.5% more techy that the Danes F16s; more than ten times better when you remember that we call them CF188s.


  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    You compare lead pellets for our slingers, or admire the shape of a spear point, or the comfortable fit of a boot. We need armies of men, not a half dozen.

    If they land five divisions at Voisey Bay, your six planes will not be noticed much. How long to drive from Voisey to Quebec City? Then to Montreal, then down the valley of the Hudson into the guts of the Americans?

    This ceremonial cohort kept at the perfumed city of marble is not enough to face the Dacians.

  3. Walter Garbotz Says:

    More seeds that will grow thorny plants have been planted. And some of those seeds have been plant over here.


    Sincerely … Walter Garbotz, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

  4. marc in calgary™ Says:

    The report is regarding military assets, yet he mentions France? I don’t get it.

    Are there 2 Frances?

  5. Buck Says:

    Are there 2 Frances?

    I knew a Frances once upon a time. I wound up upon her a time or two, too. She didn’t have any military assets, but her other assets were considerable. And fine.

  6. marc in calgary™ Says:

    … wrapped her up in a big white flag did ya.. they like that, it’s their comfort zone.

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