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Mitchieville is not France. The Mayor of Mitchieville has never turned down a work of art because of size, shape, or number, of a woman’s breasts, unlike some other people I could mention (link here => *** ). The un-burqa’ed woman here is Laetitia Casta * who got the job of modeling the spirit of the French Revolution. Are her breasts too big?

This is a work of art I have in my home. As you go down into the basement, to the shrine of Set, the Snake God I had this put above the double oak doors that go into the basement play space. Note, Medusa has no breasts depicted. She should be a feminist icon, and then again who knows what feminists stand for these days. They seem to be on their knees, grovelling. Medusa does not grovel. Feminists who ignore the sufferings of their own are just castrated bitches. Turn them to stone, Medusa. Or the Dorians * will fix them.

Are her breasts too big? Sounds like the internal dialogue in the mind of a castrated male. You do not need to physically remove the testicles, you can just infuse the food supply with estrogen, er, endocrine disruptors. Wait a sec, they stopped putting this stuff in plastic a few years ago. Does that mean that we are going back to the testosterone levels of the 1950’s?

Does Medusa have breasts that are too big? You cannot really tell by looking. It is a question for a tactile learner, I think. This is from an office party here in Mitchieville. These two men are about to be introduced to the spiritual process of Digestion, which is how Set, the Snake God (here manifesting as Medusa) elevates people to a higher realm. That is, if they find her breasts too big and go above the range of her venomous hair. I always enjoy watching progressives turn to stone.

Are her breasts too big to represent the spirit of the French Revolution? What do you think? Are you a visual, auditory, or tactile learner? Or do you slurp up your wisdom from the testicles of the ability challenged media like it was white guilt? In Mitchieville, we like to think for ourselves, like people did before they put estrogen in food, and like the way people do now, like people do who despise the progressives for the subversives and malcontents they are.

5 Responses to “Inside Mitchieville”

  1. marc in calgary™ Says:

    She’s had 3 children, she’s a breeder, one of us.

    An outstanding sample, though sadly short of Madison Avenue telling us “France’s Back”

  2. Buck Says:

    …the traditional female embodiment of the French Republic in a Phrygian cap…

    I have a lot o’ friggin’ caps but I never knew the proper spelling until now. Thanks, Fenris!

    No, they’re not too big. Rarely have I ever seen “too big,” that’s nearly an oxymoron.

  3. DMorris Says:

    Utterly perfect,actually!

    Vive la France.

  4. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    More study required?


  5. Steynerism 442st « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    [...] ~ ITEM: Mitchieville is not France [...]

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