Possibly Racist

Oh give me a break, that’s completely unforceable.

And as you can see from the last 25 years of mass, unchecked immigration, not a soul listened to it anyways.

2 Responses to “Possibly Racist”

  1. Nurse Kate Says:

    None of those shades are as pale as me, I guess I can’t go there either. It looks hot, I’d probably just burn.

  2. marc in calgary™ Says:

    I did see a T-shirt with a map of Australia on it and emblazoned with “Fuck Off, We’re Full” (in english only). That may relate. I didn’t see a northern version, how many languages would be required for that? French Spanish, Creole, hundreds of native languages, probably better to print it on one of those long T-shirts kids wear for p-j’s. Maybe print it in ghetto speak too.
    La-dash-ah needs to know.


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